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How To Paint Your Ceiling A Bold Colour | hero Image

When it comes to narrow, enclosed spaces where design opportunities are limited, a ceiling can present itself as an additional canvas.

No rule says you have to paint a ceiling white, but it’s certainly an option. Of course, a refreshingly crisp coat of white paint is considered to be the safest option, but if you are daring enough to step outside of the box, you will open up a kaleidoscope of colour possibilities.

The humble ceiling is often overlooked when it comes to our interior design plans. But this magnificent feature can present itself as a fifth canvas. Splashing your favourite colour across this surface can add excitement and drama to a room that may be in need. Whether you want to highlight detail mouldings, accentuate exposed beams, or perhaps you want to showcase your painting skills. Utilising colour in your design plans can reveal how it can help make your ceiling the finishing touch to a cleverly designed interior. This small but mighty act even works in compact spaces like the hallway.

For this project, we painted our corridor ceiling in the delicate, powder pink shade of TVT G477 mixed with Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3. This pastel colour softens the surrounding white walls while acting as a reflector to bounce light down into the room. By adding a contrasting colour, the ceiling dramatically alters the perception of the space and punctuates the room in a quiet, nonchalant manner.

Recreate this for your home by thinking about the mood you want to evoke and what effect you want it to give. As when choosing wall colours, consider the source and strength of the natural light the room receives to narrow down your choice. The easiest way to understand your shade is to take a tester and try it out at different times of the day. See how the results are affected by natural and artificial light. Consider the finish as well. Choosing a satin paint mix will offer just a hint of a reflective sheen that can help brighten the space if you’re using a darker colour.

How To Paint Your Ceiling A Bold Colour | Wide Image

Treating the ceiling as a fifth wall can allow you to play with the interior design of your room. In tune with the surrounding walls, we repainted the wooden floorboards white with the semi-gloss Tikkurila Betolux Akva paint. This introduces another source for light to bounce off. Additionally, rose gold accents were added by adding light fixtures, door and cupboard handles to complement the powder pink. With a delicate and thoughtful arrangement, even the most challenging proportions like the hallway can give the impression of a spacious room.



Begin by cleaning the surface of the ceiling using Tikkurila Maalipesu cleaning agent to remove dirt and discolouration. Always ensure to read instructions thoroughly before use. If there is a layer of glue paint on the ceiling, first moisten with water and then remove with a steel float.


Lay down dust sheets to protect the floorspace. After drying time, use Tikkurila Optiva Primer for previously unpainted or highly absorbent surfaces. Choose Optiva Primer in a shade close to your new topcoat.


Stir the Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3 interior paint (pre-tinted with TVT G477). Begin by making cuts in the corners of the ceiling. Use a 10-15 cm wide small paint roller. Then apply two coats using a paint roller with a 15-18cm wide roller with an extension pole. To avoid streaks, paint the entire surface of the ceiling immediately. Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3 can be recoated within a minimum of 4 hours of painting. (It may take longer depending on a low temperature or in conditions of increased humidity).

Clean your tools with water and soap, or use Tikkurila Pensselipesu tool cleaner for deeper results. Make sure to follow the instructions on the label.

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TVT G477
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