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Valtti Akvabase

The best pretreatment for wood

Modern, long-lasting, waterborne protective wood pretreatment for untreated log and board surfaces. Is absorbed into the wood and improves topcoat adhesion. Slows down the impact of blue stain and dry rot and helps the entire coating system to stay clean. 

The paint is water-borneTool: sprayTool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces

Is absorbed into wood

Valtti Akvabase is absorbed into untreated log or board surfaces just like the traditional Valtti Pohjuste Priming Oil. 


Waterborne Valtti Akvabase is pleasant to use, and the tools are easy to clean with just soap and water even in the basic conditions at the summerhouse.

Finish with any product you wish

A wooden surface treated with protective Valtti Akvabase priming oil can be treated with any water- or solvent-borne finish or paint. It is essential to apply the topcoat as soon as possible after priming.

Tikkurila Oyj
(Previous date 27.12.2006)

Valtti Akvabase - Full-matt waterborne priming oil

Waterborne, ready-to-use natural oil-based priming oil for consumer and professional use. Penetrates into the wood and retards moisture absorption as well as the spread of rot and blue stain. This PT8 wood preservative product has been approved under the rules of the Biocide Directive 98/8/EC. Safety and Chemical Agency Registration number FINBP20122376.
Product features

For protection and priming of timber and wooden structures before surface treatment. Suitable for sawn and planed timber, logs, thermally treated and impregnated wood in exterior use. Not to be used in interior surfaces.  Not to be used on wood in direct contact with foodstuffs or animal nutrition. Use the product only as wood preservative as described in product data sheet and label.

Finishing coats are recommended to be applied as soon as possible, because colourless priming oil does not protect the wood surface from the adverse effects of sunlight.

Recommended uses
All wooden structures to be treated with wood stains or paints (except surfaces to be treated with wood oils and barn-red paints) and exterior woodwork. Can be used on wood components above grounds. Not for use on wood in direct soil contact or in marine environment

The paint is water-borne Tool: spray Tool: brush
The coverage of the paint on rough surfaces
The coverage of the paint on smooth surfaces
Colour Range
Gloss grade
0.18-0.22 l/m²

Can sizes
0.9 l, 2.7 l and 9 l
Application method
Brush or spray
Drying time at 23°C and 50% relative air humidity
The surface is touch-dry after approx. 1/2 hour and recoatable after 24 hours.
Solids volume
12 %
1.0 kg/l, ISO 2811.
Protect from frost. Store the product only in original package, tightly closed in a safe place and out of reach of children.Poorly closed or short canisters do not endure long storing. Not to be stored together with foodstuffs or animal nutrition. Shelf life in normal conditions is two years.
Product code

Application conditions
The surface to be treated must be dry, the temperature of the air at least +5°C during treatment and drying, and the relative humidity of the air below 80 %.
Use wood preservatives safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Remove dirt, mould and any loose material. Wash down surfaces affected by mould with Mould Removal (Homeenpoisto) or Tehopesu (Power Clean) solution according to directions of use.
Protect other surfaces and plants from splashes of Valtti Akvabase.
Treat wood surfaces with Valtti Akvabase in as early construction phase as possible. Treat end-grain carefully. Apply the finishing coat as soon as possible, however after 24 hours at the earliest. If the surface treatment is anyhow delayed, prime the surfaces again. Treated wood exposed to weathering has to be treated according to recommendations of use delivered with the product in question. The finished surface has to be kept in good condition. In exterior use protect the ground with e.g. plastic. In spray application protect other surfaces and plants from splashes. Do not apply in such place (e.g. bridge above water), where there is a risk that the product would end up in the water. Freshly treated timber has to be stored under shelter or on impermeable hard surface. Possible paint drips have to be recovered for re-use or proper disposal. Treated wood must be accompanied by instruction: "Treated wood must be finished by e.g. painting. The finished surface has to be kept in good condition."
Cleaning of tools
Clean tools with water or Tikkurila Pensselipesu (Tool Cleaner).

according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
according to EC Directive 99/45/EC: Contains: 3-Iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate (0,75 w-%) and propiconazole (0,24 w-%). Avoid contact with skin. Wear suitable gloves. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Keep out of reach of children. Contains propiconazole. May produce an allergic reaction. A Safety Data Sheet is available on request.
safety Data Sheet - VALTTI AKVABASE

Avoid spillage into drains, water systems and soil. Any product remaining unused and dried paint waste must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Empty, dry cans should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Risk of self-ignition! Cleaning cloths, sanding dust or overspray containing the product can create fire by self-ignition. Waste like this should be collected and stored in water before disposal, or dried preferably outdoors or incinerated immediately.
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Paint calculator

Treated surface area
Paint coverage, when surface is...
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Treatment for surface
Number of coats
Product consumption, when surface is...


Consumption varies depending on the surface to be treated and its condition. Absorption is affected e.g. by the surface roughness, moisture content level of timber and porosity. For example, log surface that has been untreated for a long time takes a lot more wood finish than a new surface to be treated.

When calculating the consumption, note that the consumption for round logs is 1.5 times higher than normal. Please also note the corner joints in the surface area.

Rounding up

As the filling rate is usually 90% (space for tinting), it is good to round up the liter amounts and reserve enough of the product so that the work is not interrupted unnecessarily, and colour will be even.