Kids Bedroom: Glow In The Dark Cityscape

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Looking for ideas to transform your kids bedroom? This magical cityscape is as an impactful way to update their space.

Using our range of interior paints you can create an effective wall art backdrop that really makes a statement. By incorporating our Taika glow-in-the-dark paint, you can add the element of surprise at night.

In daylight, the bold colour choices give an impressive modern background as cool as them:

Kids Bedroom - GlowInTheDark1

When the lights are turned off, the city comes to life:Kids Bedroom - GlowInTheDark 2


Kids Bedroom tool list

After priming your wall, paint the entire canvas of your kids bedroom with our  Joker paint  (in the shade K498 Haven). Joker is a high matt performance emulsion paint with ultra low VOCs and zero smell, ideal for hypoallergenic environments. It’s water-based and highly scrubbable, available in thousands of colours.

Draw the silhouette of a city using a sprit level to keep you guided. Apply masking tape to the outer edges of the houses. You can then begin layering the skyline on top, using two of our darker shades. For the first layer, we used N500 Agate – again with our Joker paint. Paint the edges of the houses with a small roller first, and then fill in the rest. We recommend two layers for the best result. Allow to dry.

Once fully dried, draw the lower skyline on top of the layer you have just painted. Again, apply masking tape to the outer edges to create your filling area. Apply the same painting technique, this time using our darker Y498 Midnight shade, again with our  Joker paint. We recommended a further two coats. Allow to dry.

Finally, mask out small areas for windows with tape. First, paint the windows with your original shade (K498 Haven) and allow to dry. Then apply two layers of Taika Glow to the windows.  This product is a real show stopper, that makes the treated surface glow in the dark – lasting up to 6 hours after the lights have gone out. Coated with a protective lacquer, you can also use Taika Glow on furniture and floors.

You can watch our instructional step-by-step video here. Why not get the kids involved in the process?


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