Tikkurila launches a new Endangered Colors paint collection

Endangered Colors paint collection_Header Image 2021
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Tikkurila’s new Endangered Colors collection consists of nine different colors, each representing an endangered animal. Tikkurila aspires to raise awareness to the endangered species predicament. Concrete aid for the protection of endangered species is also an important part of the campaign. Tikkurila donates one euro per sold product to the protection of endangered animals.

According to an environmental report by the United Nations*, one million plant and animal species will face extinction during the next decades. As species go extinct, unique colors are forever lost.

Nine colors, nine threatened animal species

With this campaign, Tikkurila wants to draw people’s attention to a problem that has a concrete impact on the global ecosystem worldwide. As the name suggests, the colors included in Tikkurila’s Endangered Colors collection draw from the colors of threatened animal species. The collection consists of nine colors, each representing one threatened species.

The species in the product family include, for example, Siamese fighting fish, Siberian tiger, giant panda and Sumatran orangutan.

“We came up with the idea of the collection when we were thinking about new, concrete ways to help protect the colors of the world around us. We talk about colors in our campaign, but the disappearance of colors is, of course, the result of the extinction of animal species. This is a big and topical issue that affects everyone’s future,“ says Meri Vainikka, Senior Vice President, Offering.

Paint collection in stores next year

The Endangered Colors collection will debut in 2020.

“We will produce a limited amount of paints to be sold in these markets. However, we are ready to extend Endangered Colors concept, and to tailor the campaign mechanisms in response to demand,” says Vainikka.

The new paints and their packages are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All the products in Endangered Colors collection are low-emission, water-borne paints and packed in packages made of recycled plastic.

Tikkurila has always been there to make things more beautiful with colors, but products also help protect variety of surfaces such as buildings and furniture, thus increasing their lifespan. Endangered Colors Collection combines the essentials of Tikkurila: color and protection.