Tikkurila’s Color Now collection for 2024 is an exciting partnership between Tikkurila’s colour experts and renowned Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander. Olsson Nylander played a pivotal role in curating this year's Color Now palette. She not only meticulously selected the earthy tones but also embarked on an extraordinary journey to reimagine her new apartment with these hues, turning it into a canvas of vibrant expression.

For Marie, bringing her vision to life was an intuitive dance with colours, a form of therapy and meditation. "It’s not like I go out and hunt colours, but instead, it happens intuitively," she reflects.

A mural takes centre stage

In the heart of Helsingborg, Marie's 230-square-meter apartment, nestled in a historical building dating back to the late 1880s, became the canvas for her creative vision. Seeking an eclectic design that defied convention, Marie aimed to surprise and provoke thought in every visitor.

The focal point? A custom room-size mural in collaboration with Finnish artist Mirja Ilkka, adorning the living room. Positioned strategically as the first entry point, the mural showcased all the colours of the palette, providing a captivating introduction to the space.

Marie's design philosophy played with scale, introducing both neutral spaces and bold, unconventional bursts of colour on ceilings, door frames, and skirting boards. Her distinctive style, marked by layering colours and materials, became the hallmark of the project. In a nod to the historical significance of the building, bold colours like Coffee in China, Gold in Ghana, and Olives in Oman adorned the ceilings, accentuating the intricate decorative details.”

Harmonizing Shades from Ceiling to Walls

Opting for neutral walls, Marie removed old fibreglass wallpaper, leaving some surfaces raw for textural contrast. In one room, the colour of the year, Nude in Nizza, enveloped every surface from walls to ceiling, creating a harmonious flow. Another room vibrated with energy, painted entirely in the lively hue of Bubba in Berlin, while the small bathroom gained character with the refreshing green of Mint in Mexico.

As the renovation nears completion, Marie's commitment to sustainability extends to her furniture choices—slowly curating vintage pieces with natural materials. The apartment, soon to be a family home, studio, and showroom, reflects Marie's joy in having a space that harmoniously integrates with Tikkurila's Color Now 2024 collection. The culmination of this journey brings a sense of fulfilment and happiness to Marie Olsson Nylander and her family

Featured Colours

Nude in Nizza
Warm Peach With A Neutral Base
Coffee in China
Intense Dark Brown
Gold in Ghana
A Warm Golden Yellow
Olives in Oman
A Classic Olive Green Tone
Mint in Mexico
Energetic Light Green
Bubba in Berlin
Vibrant Powder Pink
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