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One of the most powerful colours in the colour psychology spectrum is blue.

Renowned for inspiring feelings of calmness and tranquility, blue is often seen as a sign of security and certainty. It is even believed that tones of blue in your home encourage a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate!

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Our Favourite Blue Paints for 2024

A Calming, Light Blue Hue
SKY J356
Vivid Medium Blue
Medium Dusky Blue

Light Blue Paint Shades

Illuminating Blue-Grey
A Subtle Grey With Blue Undertones
Light Blue Grey

Our range of light blue shades are a great option if you don’t want the walls to feel overpowering but still want a little more colour than a neutral paint shade offers.

A classic choice, these pale and interesting blue paints offer a scene of serenity and can help to make the room feel bigger. The familiarity of pale blue shades such as our Cumulus Y354 blue paint gives the room a wash of calm and offers a sense of nostalgia and comfort too, with an immediate connection to seaside waves and blue skies.

Dark Blue Paint Shades

Ink M350
Dark Ink Blue
Deep Ink Blue
A Deep, Bold Shade Of Blue
Blue cabinet and wall Blue cabinet and wall

Atlantis L433

A contemporary mid-tone blue. A perfect blend of red and blue pigments are combined to create this trendy, elegant shade.

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Luxurious and stylish, dark blue shades are a great choice to bring a touch of drama and warmth to a room. The key to perfect dark blue walls is to pair them with plenty of crisp light colours, so contrast your walls with neutral colours like white or combine them with pale wood.

Dark blue paint can create dramatic and glamourous spaces, and they work with lots of different colours too, particularly saturated jewel colours, as the deep hue helps them to pop.

Blue Grey Paint Shades 

Icy Teal With A Cream Base
A Shade Of Grey-Blue
Light Blue Grey
TVT G435
Powder Blue With Grey Undertones

Blue grey paint shades are the sophisticated cousins of blue and are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a chic yet moody atmosphere with a soft, alluring feel. The versatile hue can create the most relaxed of rooms and goes with almost any style of décor and colour palette. Blue grey shades pair exceptionally well with white and other neutral shades, as well as pops of colour like pinks, greens, and orange paints.

Blue Bathroom Inspiration

Illuminating Blue-Grey
Fresh Deep Blue
Light Blue Grey
A Calming, Light Blue Hue

Blue is the symbolic colour of cleanliness and water making it a natural choice of paint colour for the bathroom. Pair Cumulus Y354 with white for a classic look, to create a bathroom reminiscent of a villa by the Mediterranean sea. 

Light blue paint such as Glacier Y435 will transform the bathroom into a spacious, blissful oasis. Just add a pop of colour in the way of accessories to help you awaken for the day ahead. Or go nautical with Atlantis L433 and include gold touches throughout such as a gilded mirror, towel holder, and taps to bring a touch of warmth and a vintage effect to the saturated blue tones.

If you like the idea of adding a touch of blue to your bathroom but want to keep it understated, try a lick of Madolin lbue to the under-sink cabinets, and balance it out with neutral walls and floors. 

Blue Kitchen Inspiration

Grey With Blue And Green Hues
Light Grey Blue
Dusk Navy
Invigorating Light Blue-Green
Light blue and white kitchen

Whether you choose to paint the entire kitchen blue or go for just a splash of blue via the kitchen cabinets or a feature wall, it can transform the heart of the home into a tranquil hub. A blue shade can be bold but also classic. If you want the kitchen to feel bright then go for a blue shade with a hint of green like Secret X438 for a rustic, tropical vibe or a saturated blue such as Ara M354. 

If you’re looking for a contemporary kitchen with a moody ambiance then choose a muted blue shade Mysterious Horizon paired up with a dark neutral such as one of our grey paints. Or go bold with a dark blue shade like Denim N429. Try interspersing one or two different tones of blue through the kitchen furniture and accessories for a cohesive design that doesn’t feel overwhelming. 

Whatever shade you decide to go for, combining it with a white shade will always ensure the kitchen looks timeless and inviting, no matter the occasion.  

Blue Living Room Inspiration

A Calming, Light Blue Hue
Medium Dusky Blue
Dark Cadet Blue
Deep Ink Blue

Whether you prefer a living room to be dramatic and luxurious or restful and comforting, blue is an ideal choice. As adaptable as any neutral shade, blue living room walls are the perfect accent to a range of colour palettes. Darker shades such as Petrol S491 bring warmth and richness to the walls in a cocooning manner, whilst light blue shades such as Prince G490 offer a relaxing space to unwind in and help to make the room appear larger. 

Complement the luxuriousness of a dark blue living room by adding room accessories in jewel colours such as emeralds and golden yellow paints, or try pastel shades like pink along with gold and brass finishes to make the room bask in opulence. Or choose a blue with grey undertones to keep the look bold and sophisticated in a cosy manner. Add cushions and throws in warm colours such as golden yellow to help soften up the space.

Blue Bedroom Inspiration

Perfect Pastel Blue
Sleek Blue With Misty Grey Tones
INK M350
Dark Ink Blue
A Calming, Light Blue Hue

Just being in a blue room can provide you with a feeling of peace and calm, so if you’re looking for a bedroom that offers tranquillity and serenity, blue is a natural choice. The soothing mood it sets makes it a perfect choice for a room made for resting. Try light blue shades, reminiscent of the sea and sky such as Cumulus Y354 for the perfect calming remedy to a busy life, or opt for elegant blue shades such as Pablo's Sky for a muted yet spacious room. Blue-grey paint is perfect as a relaxing cool colour that can help you wind down at night.

Dark blue bedroom walls establish a cosy and inviting space to immerse yourself in. The deep, bold hue of Indigo L429 is the perfect choice to bring serenity to your home while adding a touch of luxury due to its rich undertones. Match with dark wooden floors for a contemporary look, and throw in some soft furnishings in complementary shades such as golden yellows, greys, and beige paints.  

Blue and white is a timeless combination so pair your chosen shade of blue with a white ceiling. Go for an off-white shade as a true white already has blue undertones which can make the room too cool. Or if you’ve picked a dark blue shade then you can strengthen the cocooning feel even further by painting the ceiling a deep blue such as Ink M350 for a calming, restful sanctuary.

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