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Planning an exterior project? Tikkurila have a wide range of paints, oils and treatments for your outside walls, garden fences, furniture, decking and much more. Here you will find helpful advice on which products to use on different exterior surfaces.

Exterior Product Guide | Fence | Tikkurila

Fences and Sheds

Priming your fence will provide a clean base surface that will help you achieve a smooth end result. It will also bind with your paint coat and create a water-proof seal which will prevent the fence from getting damaged by adverse weather.

We advise treating wooden fence surfaces with Valtti Primer - our colourless priming oil, specifically created for external wood surfaces. The primer absorbs into the wood, making it water-repellent and protecting it against microbial and insect attack.

Our semi-matt Valtti Opaque has been developed for wooden surfaces to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Finland. Forms a water-resistant paint finish that allows water vapour to permeate the wood.

Choose from 1L, 3L and 10L sizes available in thousands of colours to suit your personal style.

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Exterior Product Guide | Wooden Window | Tikkurila

Doors and Windows

Tikkurila have both water and solvent-based solutions, for doors, windows, and conservatories. Weather-resistant and available in a wide range of colours, helping you add some personality to the exterior of your home. Depending on the surface you are planning to paint, choose your product according to suitability.

We recommend priming your wooden surfaces with Ultra Primer- our water-based, high-performance exterior wood primer.  Next, use Valtti Opaque paint to give your exterior windows and doors a semi-matt finish. This highly versatile product can be used on new and previously painted timber and can be tinted in thousands of colours to suit your exterior style.

All products are available in various sizes, to suit any painting job, big or small.

If you require more advice on painting exterior window frames, give our technical team a call on 0131 334 4999 or send them a message here.

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Exterior Product Guide | Terrace | Tikkurila

Patio and Decking

Because of the constant exposure to weathering and abrasion, exterior surfaces demand very high protection. Available in various shades, Tikkurila offers a range of oil products to help you maintain the natural beauty of your wooden patio and decking.

Tikkurila Valtti Plus Terrace Oil is a water-borne wood oil emulsion based on plant oil. It protects the wood against moisture and dirt and decreases the cracking of wood surfaces. Available in black, ash grey and brown.

Our Valtti Bio Terrace Oil is a bio-based, brown exterior wood oil that has UV protection and protects the wood against moisture, dirt, and prevents splitting and cracking of wood. The product is suitable for bare wood or previously oil-treated surfaces in humid premises, for impregnated wood, hardwood, heat-treated wood and untreated wood.

Both terrace oils are available in 1L, 3L and 10L sizes.

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Exterior Product Guide | Outdoor Furniture | Tikkurila

Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to painting your outdoor furniture, it is essential to prime first in order to achieve a smooth finish.

For wooden surfaces, we recommend our Ultra Primer- the advanced water-based wood primer with stain inhibiting properties that will help your paint absorb into the wood and provide waterproof protection. Available in thousands of colour choices. Simply visit our Colour Directory to select your shade.

For metal surfaces, use Rostex Super Metal Primer -solvent-based, quick-drying anti-corrosion primer for interior and exterior use. Suitable for zinc-coated steel and roughened aluminium surfaces, copper, brass, and stainless steel.

To paint, use our Unica Akva paint - a semi-gloss water-based acrylic paint for wood and metal. This durable and flexible paint comes in various tin sizes, from 0.9l to 9l, to suit all small and big garden projects.

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Exterior Product Guide | Masonry | Tikkurila


Thanks to their high resistance to dirt and extreme weather, Tikkurila's masonry paint can offer your exterior walls a new lease of life, with long-lasting protection. Available in a wide range of shades, and suitable for brick, concrete, and stone surfaces.

Starting with a primer, our silicone and waterborne Hydrosol Primer paint is hydrophobic with low water absorption for high durability and resistance to mould. Comes in a 10-litre size and clear colour.

Our water-borne masonry paint Finngard Opaque offers superb weather resistance and an extremely durable finish that protects from chemical and biological erosion. Semi-matt finish with a low need for maintenance, Finngard Opaque is available in 2.7, 9 and 18 litre can size.

For a fully matt finish, we recommend Finngard Silicone Protect silicone paint. Suitable for new or previously painted exterior facades including roughcast, pebbledash, concrete, cement, lime rendering, building blocks and boards, mineral and dispersion coatings.

External surfaces are rarely ready to be painted straight away; uneven areas, cracks or holes are all likely to be present and need to be tackled and prepped before you start applying paint. Preparation and planning before painting give you the best chance at achieving the required finish. For more information on painting external masonry, click here.

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Exterior Product Guide | Roof | Tikkurila


Tikkurila offers durable solutions for protecting roofs from environmental stress and to help you extend your roof’s life by up to 15 years after a simple paint application.

Depending on the gloss grade you require, choose from Tikkurila's Kilpi Roof Tile Paint or from our Isonit range (Isonit GL12Isonit GL20 or Isonit GL50,) which have high UV stability and high-end colour pigments to endure the relentless sun and weather exposure on a roof.

To stop the roof paint from peeling off make sure that the roof is cleaned and dried properly. A thorough clean with high pressure and using Tikkurila's Iso A Clean is as important as the actual painting to extend the longevity of your roof. Note: It is advantageous to prime fibre cement roofs with Eternit Primer in order to obtain a durable surface.

If your roof is tin or bitumen, we have a handy step by step guide that you can follow on our website. Visit the links below for these particular surfaces:

- Tin

- Bitumen

Our technical team is there to help with any advice you may need on painting roof tiles. Give us a call on 0131 334 4999 or send a message here.

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