Hallway painted with a pale green paint colour

Green is the colour of life and new beginnings, and it’s the shade of optimism we can all take joy from.

The colour of nature, our variety of green paints in different shades ranging from muted olive greens to vibrant lime shades can help you to feel revitalised and in touch with the outdoors from within your own home.

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Our favourite green paints for 2024

Misty Green-Grey
Medium Green With Hints Of Blue
A Vivid Shade Of Earthy Green

Explore our collection of green wall and ceiling paints. We offer an excellent range of paints in many shades and finishes to choose from, allowing you to create your perfect home. You'll also find wall paint that's designed for specific interior purposes and rooms, including durable kitchen paint, bathroom paint that's moisture, steam and mould resistant, and even tile paint for an instant room refresh. What’s more, green paint is so versatile it can work in any room of the house, and there are many different colour combinations and moods possible, from dark and vintage chic to a revitalising vibrant shade.

Dark Green Paint Shades

Misty Green-Grey
Winter Forest Green
Deep Forrest Green

Intimate and elegant, darker tones of green such as forest greens or emerald shades are grounding, yet classic colours that encourage a sense of calm. Painting the walls dark green can create a dramatic impact yet help you feel reassured and comfortable, and will transform the room into a cosy sanctuary retreat.

A darker shade effectively establishes depth and character in any room, and the versatility of different shades mean that almost anything goes with them. But finding the right colours to match your green walls all depends on the shade of green. Jewel tones such as emerald pair well with other rich shades like navy blue and cranberry, whereas colours such as yellows, golds, and corals work well with green shades with warm undertones. Go tropical with greens and pink paint – think dark green with pale pink

Light Green Paint Shades

Light Pastel Green
Soothing But Trendy Light Green
A Barely-There Green

Serving up a spring fresh feel, light green shades can transform your house into a vibrant and inviting place. If you’re looking to create a sense of calm then light shades such as sage green paint have a fresh yet slightly muted tone, bringing a relaxing and earthy feel to your home. Yellow-toned light shades like Angelica F452 are also the ideal paint colours of choice to warm up a north-facing room or highlight the sunlight reflecting in a south-facing room.

Light grey-green paint colours are a chic alternative to grey and white paints in interior design, and shades such as SEA SMOKE X447 can help to bring a taste of nature indoors whilst maintaining style. These shades are great as a complementary backdrop to houseplants too. 

Most light green shades work well with other soft colours and natural effects too, such as furniture in creamy neutral paint shades as well as pale wooden furniture and flooring. Pair sea greens with soft whites to whip up memories of the seaside. Or go for bright, vibrant shades like Aloe X381 which provide a crisp backdrop that can help your furniture pop.

green wall green wall

Nephrite N494

Nephrite N494 is a dark, slightly muted, sage green that creates an earthy and relaxing aura

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Green Kitchen Paint Colours

A Vivid Shade Of Earthy Green
Muted Turquoise Green
Cosy Mid-Green
Misty Grey-Green

The kitchen is the heart of the home and so it needs to look stylish yet be practical. Our durable emulsions are ideal for the busy kitchen space as they form an exceptionally tough film, allowing them to withstand frequent cleaning, washing and scrubbing. As a room full of activity, it’s important to think about what shades will be most suitable for all the different uses of the kitchen too, such as cooking, eating, entertaining, and even working. Light green paint colours are a great way to open up the kitchen space, making it bright and airy. Shades like sage green/pistachio Nile V386 are a good option because the fresh yet slightly muted tone brings a relaxing and earthy feel to the home. Or try Abyss N439 for a modern twist. Give the kitchen a finished look with some complementary kitchen towels and accessories.

Green Living Room Inspiration

Medium Sage
A Fresh And Delicate Apple Green
Yellow-Tinted Sage
Cosy Mid-Green

The living room plays an important role in the house, giving us a place to relax and take comfort in being at home, and so choosing a natural colour palette such as green is ideal. Whether you choose to create a cosy snug by painting the walls in dark green hues or turn it into a bright and airy retreat with light green shades, picking green will create a peaceful environment. Try not to go too intense or dark as this tends to be a bit too energising for the living room, and instead go for soothing tones such as Serpentine V447.

Green Bedroom Paint Colours

Misty Green-Grey
Sage Green
Mellow Forest Green
Cool Army Green

Green paint colours are an easy way to create a tranquil environment to relax in and so make great options for the bedroom. Choose either dark green shades such as Fjord M442 for a cocoon-like room to curl up in, or pick light green shades such as Opera Glove for a bright and refreshing space. Pastel green colours are also a great option for reducing anxiety. Add a calming, natural colour scheme with soft blues and brown paints.

Green Bathroom Paint Colours

SPA X442
Light Mint
An Energetic, Playful Green
Soothing But Trendy Light Green
Soft Tennis Ball Green

Turn your bathroom into a gorgeous green haven. The colour of rejuvenation, green paint is a great choice in the bathroom to provide a moment of peace and quiet before the day starts, or to wind down in the evening. Choose a rich, saturated hue such as Basilica M384 for a luxuriously vintage feel. If you want to ensure the room still feels spacious, then try pairing it with light greens, greys, or other lighter neutral shades. If you’d rather have a bathroom with a more fresh and invigorating effect, give it a splash of refreshing Aloe X381. Pop in some plants, and add some bamboo or wood to continue the natural theme.

Our range of high-performance, high-quality bathroom paints are specially formulated to resist moisture and are easy to clean, ensuring your bathroom looks great for longer.

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