Grey painted wall

Whether you prefer a classic or modern setting, grey is the timeless go-to colour that matches everything.

From calming, soft light grey hues to industrial, moody dark grey colours, grey paint has risen in popularity over the past few years and it's easy to see why. It's versatile, neutral undertones work in harmony with almost any colour scheme, making grey the perfect luxurious backdrop in any room in the home, from the living room to the bedroom.

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Our Favourite Grey Paints for 2024

Milky Cream With Yellow And Green Hues
Delicate Light Grey
Misty Light Grey
Grey wall Grey wall

Cloak M499

A contemporary but warm mid-grey. Cloak M499 provides g a modern and almost industrial look while bringing a sense of calmness.

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Cool Grey Paint Shades

White With A Hint Of Blue
A Pale Grey-Blue Tone
Cool Grey With Blue Undertones

South-facing rooms can be a joy to decorate as the steady stream of white light means these rooms suit grey colours in almost any shade. With the benefit of being filled with sunlight throughout most of the day, cool greys and blue undertones tend to work best as they contrast the warmer tones, bringing a sense of calmness while also giving your walls more depth and offering a modern, clean look.

Warm Grey Paint Shades

Warming Grey Beige
Mid Greige
ASH M497
An Understated Mid-Grey

North-facing rooms already have a blue tinge of light coming in during the day and so cool greys can enforce a clinical mood in these settings. These rooms benefit better from warmer grey colours with yellow paint or creamy beige undertones which have the ability to make the space feel cosy. Greys with creamy, yellow-based undertones are perfect for rooms that are used more at night time as they offer a luxurious, relaxing space with a cosy feel.

Light Grey Paint Shades

Pale Light Grey
White With A Hint Of Blue
A Pale Grey-Blue Tone

When choosing a paint colour it’s important to think about the natural and artificial lighting in each room. In small rooms that have natural light coming in, pale grey paint shades can offer the illusion of space in a chic and sophisticated manner as they help to bounce the light off the walls.

Dark Grey Paint Shades

A Contemporary But Warm Mid-Grey
A Shade Of Grey-Blue
Misty Wave Grey

Painting the walls in dark grey colours are a great way to ensure a cosy, cocooning atmosphere whilst also setting dramatic, moody statements. You don’t have to limit dark grey shades to large rooms; however, the right shade can also transform a small room. 

You can even mix light and dark shades to create a focal point or set different atmospheres from room to room.

Grey Living Room Paint Colours

Neutral Light Grey With Beige Hues
Delicate Light Grey
Cool Grey With Blue Undertones
Misty Wave Grey

With our wide range of wall paints, you can easily find the perfect grey paint of your choice to paint your living room. From light and airy to cosy and rich, the many different hues of grey can transform your space and serve as a stylish backdrop to your living room. The neutral shade can complement your furniture so whether you decide to match the walls with grey hues or choose different colours completely, a grey backdrop is the ideal way to showcase your style. 

Grey Bedroom Paint Colours

A Cooling Clay-Grey Shade
Grey With Blue And Green Hues
A Deep, Intense Grey
A Cosy Grey With A Hint Of Blue.

Turn your bedroom into a tranquil space that provides you with a good night’s sleep every night with our range of wall paints in various shades of grey. The calming effect of grey will result in a bedroom where you can enjoy some quality relaxation time. Of course, the shade you pick depends on whether you prefer a cosy and dark snug to sleep in or a light and airy sanctuary.  

Deep grey bedroom walls create a cosy and cocooning feel along with an air of moody elegance, particularly when matched with dark wooden floors. Or opt for a bright and spacious Scandi feel by pairing cool, pastel grey paint colours with pale wood.

No matter your style, warm undertones usually work best to make your bedroom a comfortable space for rest. 

Can’t decide on which grey paint to pick? Why not choose a multi-dimensional effect by layering up different shades. You can accentuate the walls with bold or bright furnishings that make a grey bedroom fit to retreat to in style.

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