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Our range of anti-slip decking and patio paints, stains and treatments are specifically forumlated to give you a protective, long-lasting finish
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A Guide to Tikkurila's Decking Products

A nice patio has a real practical appeal, especially during the summer months.

BBQs, lounging taking in the sun, or even just entertaining guests in the sun with some garden furniture. And you don't have to maintain it every other week as you do with a lawn.

It is fair to say there is no shortage of reasons that decking is a common sight in UK gardens.

Like any exterior wood, decking is not completely hands-off. You will still need to put a little time in to keep it in good condition. If you don't keep up with maintenance you'll find you'll be taking years off the lifespan of your decking and end up with an expensive bill to replace it.

Not a pretty picture.

Maintenance doesn't have to be a chore though. An annual coating of decking paint or oil will see it retain its appeal and quality for many years to come.

In this guide, we will run through how Tikkurila's patio and decking product range offers everything you need.

Decking Oils

The bulk of Tikkurila's decking treatments is decking oils. This range is packed with premium, reliable exterior wood oils that can keep your decking in perfect condition.

We will start with Valtti Wood Oil. This decking oil comes as water or solvent-based. It is tintable to the broad selection of translucent colours available from Tikkurila.

There is one more solvent-based product to mention in this collection, Valtti Furniture & Terrance Oil. It's a more traditional decking oil which can really pull out the beauty of wood grains. Particularly effective on hardwoods.

For those looking for something a bit more environmentally friendly, we have Valtti Bio Terrace Oil. Packed with natural oils and plant-based ingredients this decking oil has a lower environmental impact when measured against some of the other products.

Being made from natural ingredients doesn't impact its performance. This oil offers protection against dirt, moisture, UV rays, and has a resistance to cracks or chips.

There is also a 'Plus' version of the terrace oil that is water-borne and offers great penetration of the wood.

Decking Stains

Your other option when it comes to treatment is a decking stain. For this purpose, we have Valtti Colour. It's a solvent-based, all-purpose wood stain that offers a high level of protection against humidity and sunlight. A perfect solution for painting on decking.

Once dried you have a full-matt natural finish.

To meet any decor needs this wood stain does come with a full range of translucent and semi-translucent wood stains. There are several dozen to choose from so no matter the colour or style you are looking to bring into your garden you can all but guarantee you'll find the perfect exterior paint colour for you.

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