Suitable for use on sauna benches, panelled walls, ceilings and floors; Supi Sauna Wax is resistant to high humidity and dirt. Browse our range of protective oils, treatments, and waxes to update the style and performance of your sauna. Transparent and tinted colour options available.

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Tikkurila's Suana Paint Range Explained

There are few things more relaxing than spending an hour in a sauna or steam room after a long day. Just sitting there and letting your mind have a break as the steamy room relaxes your body is an incredibly therapeutic experience.

For those who are lucky enough to have a sauna at home or out in the garden, there are a few important things to consider before they are able to relax in their tranquil sauna. One of the key considerations is how to paint and maintain your sauna.

Luckily, our premium Nordic paint offering includes a range of sauna and spa paints that have been created to meet the challenges that these potentially problematic spaces can pose.

Tikkurila Spa Products

As one of the leading providers of Suana and Spa treatment options Tikkurila's range is vast and offers a wide range of products to meet all needs. From cleaning agents, waxes, floor oils, or finishes we have it all.

If you have a new sauna at home then you will need to have these new wooden surfaces treated to ensure longevity.

Let me show you how Tikkurila's Supi Sauna paint range can help.

Starting with the cleaning agents we have Supi Sanuapesu. This product bleaches and dissolves any scale deposits that have built up and disinfects at the same time without using chlorine. 

For natural wax, we have Supi Saunavaha. This sauna wax is for use across all wooden surfaces within a steam room or sauna. From wall panels to benches, or ceilings and doors. 

It's water-based and has an M1 accreditation which recognises this product for its low VOCs. A great point when using it in spaces that are often confined. Supi can also be tinted to any colour and leaves your wood with a breathable waxy coat sporting a lovely matt finish.

This wood wax is a great way to protect your wood and change the colour at the same time.

We also have a choice of two floor oils. These are named Supi Lattioljy and Supi Arctic Sauna Finish.

Supi Lattiaoljy is designed for wooden floors in spaces that are exposed to a high level of moisture. As with any premium product to be used in a high moisture area this sauna floor oil comes with an anti-mould agent.

The Supi Arctic floor oil is of a higher spec. When applied to your sauna floor it creates a water-repellent surface with resistance to dirt. Like the other floor oil, it boasts anti-mould properties.

And for a wider array of surfaces, we have Supi Saunasuoja. This is a protective finish for your walls and ceilings and can't be used on sauna benches.

It seals surfaces from dirt and moisture while also featuring the same anti-mould properties that are seen in sauna wax and floor oils before. This sauna paint can also be tinted to Tikkurila's translucent colour range enabling you to create a very attractive space for you to relax.

As you see the Supi sauna paint offering is quite expansive and offers everything you could need when creating a spa-like experience at home with sauna or steam rooms.

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