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Blue bedroom with a brick wall

Planning a bedroom makeover? A blue colour palette is the way to go. It's one of the best colours for inducing a feeling of relaxation, making it ideal if you want to turn your bedroom into a true sleep sanctuary. 

Need some blue bedroom ideas? Keep it simple with blue walls and white accents or experiment with light blue hues and daring colour pops. Blue is one of the most versatile colours around, making it an ideal choice for traditional spaces and contemporary bedrooms alike. 

After a contemporary interior? Dark blue walls work beautifully with metallics and mustard yellow accents. Eager to inject more character into your rooms? Mix it up with patterned curtains and fabrics in varying shades to add texture. 

Still short on ideas? Our interior design guide has everything you need to know about working blue hues into your bedroom. What's more, we stock a huge range of shades to suit every taste and budget.

reading a book on a bed with a blue bedroom wall

Modern and Minimalist Bedroom Interiors

Sometimes, less is more. If you want to achieve a more modern, minimalist look, a blue bedroom is the way to go. You can start with dark blue walls and pick out window frames and room accents in crisp white paint for an eye-catching contrast. For a more classic bedroom, use the same shade on every wall and work in darker shades with bedding and room fabrics. 

Our TVT M436 paint is a great colour to get the ball rolling. Use it on every wall in a smaller space, or reserve it for a dramatic feature wall in a larger bedroom. Looking for complementary colours? Brown paint tones and earthy shades work well here, while steel bed frames and hints of metallic will also go down well. 

Looking to create a dark room where you can really relax? A blue colour scheme will always deliver. Our Indigo L429 paint is both dark and vibrant, helping you to unwind in the evening and energise in the morning. Pair this one with lime green, fiery orange or vivid yellow paint colours if you're keen to add a pop of colour.

Colours Mentioned:

Atlantis L433
A Contemporary Mid-Tone Blue
Indigo L429
Deep Ink Blue
airy light blue bedroom walls

Light and Airy Blue Bedroom Ideas

Natural light makes a welcome addition to any bedroom, especially if you find it hard to get started in the morning. If your room is fitted with a skylight or large windows, a light blue paint is always best. 

Our Cumulus Y354 paint is just the ticket if you want to open up a space. This sky blue shade can be used in rooms of any size and pairs well with light wood flooring and natural accents. Keep things simple with stripped-back furniture or embrace elegance with an ornate bed frame and accent pillows. 

Prefer bold colours? Our Royal M436 is a darker choice, but not lacking in vibrancy. Use this one to create a stunning focal point in any bedroom. Great for feature walls and alcove backdrops, this brilliant blue paint colour will add depth and create drama.

Colours Mentioned:

Cumulus Y354
A Calming, Light Blue Hue
Royal M436
Deep Blue With A Hint Of Green
Wall with blue brickwork

Use Navy Blue for Brickwork and Feature Walls

Exposed brickwork can make a brilliant statement in a bedroom. Dark blues and navy shades are a great colour choice for wall paint if you're looking to paint interior masonry. 

Untouched brickwork has a rustic charm, but a coat of premium paint can turn it into something truly special. Only need to tackle a small section of wall? Our TVT S357 paint is an inspired choice. 

Thinking about something darker? Our Petrol S491 paint is a stunning colour pick for any contemporary interior. Both shades work well with lighter blues and grey palettes. If you're chasing a mid-century modern aesthetic, experiment with dark woods like teak and maple. 

Colours Mentioned:

Atlantis L433
A Contemporary Mid-Tone Blue
Petrol S491
Dark Cadet Blue
Blue Bedroom with a cactus

Stripped-Back Blue Bedroom Design

If you're decorating on a budget, a bold blue leaves you with plenty of scope. A mid-blue is incredibly effective when paired with inexpensive white primer. What's more, it teams well with greenery, budget-friendly veneers and metal. 

Want to decorate without breaking the bank? Our TVT N351 blue paint is a great place to start. This colour packs a real punch and can be accented with lighter or darker blues. Furthermore, classic whites and greys can be used to lift your interiors when needed. 

If you're in the market for a more vibrant blue, our TVT K357 is worth thinking about. This dazzling colour can be used in bedrooms of any shape or size. Let this wall colour really shine by introducing light beech furniture and rattan room accents. 

Colours Mentioned:

Ara M354
A Traditional Royal Blue
TVT K357
Deep Blue With Hints Of Turquoise
two-toned wall with flower

Embrace Two-Tone Blue Palettes

Can't decide on a single blue colour for your walls and ceilings? Why not embrace two-tone interior design when creating your dream bedroom? 

The blue colour spectrum is one of the most versatile palettes of all. Dark denim and rich navy can be combined with sky blue and sapphire shades with ease. No matter what colours you're combining, the result is always easy on the eye. 

Want to start with a bright blue? Our TVT J431 can be used to give the illusion of space and reinvigorate any room. If you want something even lighter, our Cumulus Y354 is the way to go. Both of these shades look spectacular when paired with dark navy or mid-blue colours. 

Once you've decided on your wall colours, you can start playing around with room accents and furnishings. Colour match with striking ornaments and hanging artwork. If you want to mix things up a little and break away from a blue palette, incorporate clear glass and natural materials. 

Colours Mentioned:

Cumulus Y354
A Calming, Light Blue Hue
TVT J431
Velvet Blue
bedroom with a blue bedroom designed

Blue Bedroom Ideas: Don't Be Afraid to Contrast

It's easy to coordinate dramatically different blues, but you don't have to stick to this palette exclusively. Sometimes, the most effective colour combinations are the most contrasting. 

Have you decorated a bedroom in a pale pink or off-white shade? Use blue to create a dynamic statement. You can use a paint colour like Atlantis L433 if you're looking to pick out focal points or feature walls. 

Prefer a more muted contrast? Our Bungalow G500 is one of the lightest blues in our range. This one leaves you plenty of options when it comes to adding finishing touches. Add natural character with dark woods and introduce texture with deep pile rugs and textured upholstery. 

Colours Mentioned:

Atlantis L433
A Contemporary Mid-Tone Blue
Bungalow G500
A Pale Grey-Blue Tone

Blue Bedroom Colour Palettes 

With so many colours to choose from, nothing is stopping you from making your blue bedroom dreams a reality. Still need some help finding the right shades for your space? Our blue colour palette guide is on hand to help. 

Bright Blue Bedroom Shades

Forget Me Not H353
Perfect Pastel Blue
Atlantis L433
A Contemporary Mid-Tone Blue
Haven K498
Smoky Sea Blue

Bedrooms should be relaxing and inviting. However, if you struggle to wake up in the morning, it's more important to pick an energising colour that will help fire you up for the day ahead. 

Our Atlantis L433 is a great pick for bedrooms. Bright and airy, it'll help bounce natural light around your space once the drapes have been pulled back. Keep things simple with white accents and light wood furniture. 

If you're short on space, a much lighter blue is the way forward. Our TVT V503 paint colour ticks all the right boxes. Use it for every wall and ceiling, then work in some darker blues and tonal shades to add character. 

Our Forget Me Not H353 paint colour is another superb choice for bedrooms. This one might be bright and airy, but it's also ideal for when you want to create a relaxing space for unwinding. 

Finally, think about using our TVT F428 paint colour if you're searching for a more subtle shade. If you want to keep things minimal, team with white accents and stripped-back furniture. If you're using it as a blank canvas on which to build, experiment with darker blues, earthy tones and waffled fabrics to create texture. 

Light Blue Bedroom Shades

Glacier Y435
Illuminating Blue-Grey
Kaolin H497
Milky Cream With Yellow And Green Hues
Royal M436
Deep Blue With A Hint Of Green

A light blue is always best for a small bedroom. Thankfully, we've got plenty of paint options for those planning on transforming their bedroom with a lighter blue palette. 

Our Glacier Y435 paint colour will go down well with anyone who loves sky blue. Keep things neutral and work in subtle seagrass shades for a relaxing ambience. Solid woods and cork textures also work well with this colour. 

Looking to stray a little further from conventional blues? Our TVT Y458 paint colour is bound to impress. This muted tone works well in small bedrooms and larger spaces alike. Complete the look with a monochrome room set. 

Our TVT K503 paint colour is another standout from our light blue selection. Use this one to coat walls and furniture alike. If you're looking to make a statement, our TVT L437 paint is perfect for feature walls. 

Vibrant Blue Bedroom Shades

Sky J356
Vivid Medium Blue
Damask F485
A Classic And Tranquil Off-White
Pumice H487
Mid Greige

Subtle shades aren't for everyone. If you prefer a more daring colour palette, we've got plenty of paint shades for you to choose from. 

Our TVT J359 is an easy choice for anyone looking to brave a bolder palette. This vibrant blue works particularly well with neutrals like off-white and grey. However, it will also coordinate with more eclectic shades like mustard yellow and earthy browns. 

At first glance, our TVT K497 might look rather muted. However, once you've coated your walls with this shade, you'll instantly see a transformation. This sophisticated blue is the way to go if you're looking to create a grown-up bedroom. Coordinate with monochrome accents and burgundy shades for maximum impact. 

It might be a lighter choice, but our TVT F309 paint packs a real punch. Closer to white than blue, this paint colour has distinct undertones that make it a standout of our collection. If you're looking to create a blank slate on which to build, there's no better option. 

If you want a paint with more pronounced blue undertones, our TVT K503 colour should appeal. If your room is lacking in square footage, this colour will really open things up. If you're decorating a larger bedroom, this striking paint colour will maximise natural light. What's more, you've no restrictions when it comes to room accents and furnishings. 

What Colour Goes with Blue in a Bedroom?

While blue can be a brilliant shade to paint your bedroom on its own, it can also work as part of a colour scheme. But which colours work well with blue? Let's take a look at your options.

Blue and Grey Bedroom

Bringing together blue and grey hues is a pairing that is sure to stay in style as interior design trends evolve over the years. Truly a classic colour pairing for a bedroom.

To give you a better idea of what pairings could work together we have a few combinations to share with you.

First, we have Prince G490 and Whirlwind. An eye-catching combination of a pale blue-grey with a deep grey with blue undertones. This pairing can make for a great way to bring a bold way to create a relaxing space with a bit of depth.

Another pairing to consider is Nocturne N348 and Tuft H495. This match-up brings a darker blue hue together with a softer grey hue.

Blue and Yellow Bedroom

Mixing warm and cool tones might go against a few rules of interior design, however, if you carefully select your tones blue and yellow can work together really well.

To help guide you through your options for picking complementary hues here are a few options to choose from. For example, Tide L491 and Gardenia F309 make the perfect combo. Gardenia is one of our faintest yellow paint colours and it brings a subtle warmth to your home. Tide with its sage edge gives it a delicate soft vibe that pulls it all together in a classy way.

Blue and Brown Bedroom

Again while looking at the range of colours that work with blue we have brown. This might not be the first colour that comes to mind when creating a colour scheme for your bedroom, however, as surprising as it may be to learn, it can work well together.

One pairing I'd consider would be Driftwood V484 and Petrol S491. This colour pairing is sure to give your bedroom a bit of visual interest, with our confident petrol blue paint and the calming reassurance of Driftwood make this the perfect combination.

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