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Feel The Colour Collection

A range of 216 unique shades for interior walls. Our colourists have expertly curated this collection into six pre-made style palettes: Classic, Modern, Bohemian, Luxurious, Nostalgic and Eclectic to suit any home interior. Visit our Inspiration page to learn more.

216 Colours
Paper F497
Pure White
Winter V503
Off-White With The Lightest Touch Of Grey
Arctic Fox S503
A Pure White With A Soft Touch Of Yellow
Seagull F496
White With A Hint Of Blue
Bungalow G500
A Pale Grey-Blue Tone
Homespun L498
Cool Grey With Blue Undertones
Agate N500
A Shade Of Grey-Blue
Surf S500
Misty Wave Grey
Milkyway V493
Deep Black With Blue Undertones
Wrought Iron Y500
Soft Black With A Hint Of Blue
Duke X491
A Rich But Soft Black With Blue Undertones.
Blackbird Y493
A Classic Charcoal Black
Steam G497
Kaolin H497
Milky Cream With Yellow And Green Hues
Tikkurila Grey Tikh
Grey-Based White
Plaster X487
Light Warm Grey
Pumice H487
Mid Greige
Atlas K497
A Traditional Mid Grey
Granite K499
A Cosy Grey With A Hint Of Blue.
Cloak M499
A Contemporary But Warm Mid-Grey
Basalt N499
A Deep, Intense Grey
Licorice X499
Dark Licorice Black
Toro Y497
Deep Umber Black
Midnight Y498
Classic True Black
Feather F487
A Soft And Delicate Pale Grey
Batiste G487
A Subtle And Calming Greige
Tailwind G486
Grey Beige With Silver Undertones
Piazza Y487
Light Stone
Median X486
Neutral Light Grey With Beige Hues
Cashmere X485
An Understated, Soft Grey
Cloister V487
A Cooling Clay-Grey Shade
Ash M497
An Understated Mid-Grey
Calcite K487
A Comforting Soft Brown
Mole L487
Dark Grey With A Hint Of Brown
Chalet N485
A Warm Natural Brown
Wilderness N462
An Adventurous Rich Brown
Chalk F484
Off-White With Green Undertones
Damask F485
A Classic And Tranquil Off-White
Tikkurila White Tikv
Classic Alabaster White
Canvas G485
Off-White Alabaster Grey
Tikkurila Beige Tikb
Classic Beige
Mulberry H484
A Warm Off-White With Grey Undertones
Castle J484
A Warm Greige
Driftwood V484
An Earthy Grey-Brown
Claystone V486
A Claming Neutral Griege
Granulite K484
Pale Stony Brown
Shiitake N484
Classic Medium Brown
Sacher L462
Deep Warm Umber
Jasmine F503
Airy Cream With Yellow Tones
Coconut Y456
A Creamy White With Yellow Undertones
Merino Y458
Creamy White With Warm Undertones
Halva G459
Warm Neutral Beige
Chai H459
A Warm And Comforting Beige
Dream X459
A Warm Greige With Green And Grey Undertones
Expance X394
A Charming Caramel Brown
Apatite X457
A Warm Beige With Earthy Undertones
Lama V466
Tan With A Hint Of Pink
Desert V463
A Warm And Timeless Brown With Red Undertones
Conglomerate S484
A Creamy, Mocha Brown
Primeval Forest M460
Deep Umber
Calla G503
A Delicate And Warm Off-White
Halo F462
A Peachy And Harmonious Neutral
Gardenia F309
A Light Yellow-White
Champignon G467
A Soft And Creamy Almond
Weekend H462
Sophisticated Taupe With Nude Undertones
Angora H466
An Elegant Taupe Shade
Sandstone X463
Warm Dark Taupe
Tamarix K480
Muted Brown With Pink Undertones
Stonehenge V477
Rosy Stone Brown
Bastion V467
A Soft Grey Brown
Silhouette L481
Chocolate Brown
Alexandrite N464
A Rich Chocolate Brown
Acropolis F458
An Earthy Off-White
Parchment F466
Light Bone
Semolina G398
Warm Cream
Noodle G395
Light Creamy Yellow
Cashew Y399
A Soft Sherbet Orange
Oats H398
Pale Light Orange
Chip X462
A Soft Shade Of Desert Sand
Playa X395
Light Camel
Gold Ore J462
Golden Tan
Etruscan S471
A Warming Red-Based Brown
Kestrel L478
Deep Brown With Cool Red Undertones
Cherry N417
A Deep Blend Of Rose And Chocolate
Parmesan F302
Refreshing Light Creamy Yellow
Papyrus Y392
Light Creamy Yellow
Straw H456
An Elegant Pastel Yellow
Joy H303
Velvet Yellow
Eggnog Y308
Soft, Creamy Yellow
Wax J392
Deep Mustard
Safari K396
Golden Orange
Beeswax L396
A Sunny Shade Of Mustard Orange
Harvest V406
Mid-Tone Orange
Madras N411
Burnt Earthy Red
Xi'an M409
Dark Red With A Brown Base
Rooibos M476
Deep Burnt Red
Camelia F300
An Off-White With Yellow Undertones
Sorbet F306
Light Pastel Yellow
Cocoa Butter F392
A ​Light And Inviting Warm Cream
Lemonade H300
Refreshing Light Yellow
Banana J302
A Bright And Uplifting Mid-Tone Yellow
Butter Milk H392
A Creamy Mid-Yellow
Grapefruit S302
Clear Lemon Yellow
Ducato L392
A Rich, Golden Yellow
Syrup S396
Syrup Orange
Heat S311
Fiery Tangerine
Folklore S315
Deep Burned Orange
Terracotta N405
Earthy Red-Orange
Gallery F313
An Off-White With A Hint Of Yellow
Bast G405
A Soft And Delicate Peach
Chickpea G311
A Light Peach With Yellow Undertones
Doll H405
This Gentle And Soft Orange Hue
Siesta J407
Pastel Orange
Magnolia H320
Floral Pink With Hints Of Orange
Flamingo K319
Vibrant Pink-Red
Tomato M316
Blood Orange
Reef M319
Coral Red
Hearts M323
Deep And Bright Crimson Red
Marmalade M326
Warm Red With A Hint Of Purple
Pomegranate M423
Crimson Red
Snowhite F470
Soft Linen
Abanico G313
White With A Hint Of Yellow
Riviera Y406
Light Pastel Orange
Milkshake Y411
Delicate Bubblegum Pink
Pavillion X417
Light Dusty Pink
Mezeron H417
Dusky Rose Pink
Pirouette V419
Dark Dusky Rose
Nectar L418
Dusky Red With A Hint Of Brown
Freesia S329
Hot Deep Pink-Red
Wild Rose N338
Deep And Exuberant Purple
Cardinal M334
A Rich Shade Of Burgundy Rose
Beetroot M425
A Rich, Earthy Purple-Red Tone
Ice Rose J503
Soft Cream With A Hint Of Pink
Illusion F483
Elegant Taupe
Sunday H480
Soft Beige With A Hint Of Pink
Shawl Y467
Pale Beige With A Hint Of Pink
Mirage G481
Warming Grey Beige
Maiden X420
Chic Peach Taupe
Empress X477
A Soft Pink With A Touch Of Grey
Shantung V481
Medium Dusky Purple
Amulet K481
A Grey-Brown Tone With Earthy Undertones
Salon S478
Dark Dusty Rose
Foxtrot S417
Chic Rose Taupe
Tango M339
Vibrant Purple
Meringue F468
White With A Hint Of Pink
Palace K503
Cool White With A Rosy Hint
Cloud Y481
A Grey Based White
Violet Y344
Soft Grey With Lilac Undertones
Minuet X344
Lavender Purple
Lilac J426
Sweet Lilac
Charm S427
A Delicate And Soft Purple-Grey
Myth L426
Deep Cool Purple
Andante N501
A Rich Purple With Brown Undertones
Lair X502
Deep Jewel Purple
Eclipse V488
A Chic Red-Based Brown
Aubergine X501
A Deep Shade Of Purple Blended With Brown
Snowdrift L503
White With A Touch Of Blue
Glacier Y435
Illuminating Blue-Grey
Prince G490
Light Blue Grey
Antarctic Y348
A Subtle Grey With Blue Undertones
Cumulus Y354
A Calming, Light Blue Hue
Forget Me Not H353
Perfect Pastel Blue
Sky J356
Vivid Medium Blue
Atlantis L433
A Contemporary Mid-Tone Blue
Indigo L429
Deep Ink Blue
Ara M354
A Traditional Royal Blue
Nocturne N348
Dusky Dark Blue
Ink M350
Dark Ink Blue
Necklace F428
Pale Light Grey
Tuft H495
Delicate Light Grey
Shadow J496
Misty Light Grey
Haven K498
Smoky Sea Blue
Secret X438
Grey With Blue And Green Hues
Rain J490
Light Grey Blue
Sandman V431
Medium Dusky Blue
Tide L491
Classic Sea Green
Silk Road S440
Medium Green With Hints Of Blue
Royal M436
Deep Blue With A Hint Of Green
Peacock M366
Deep Teal
Denim N429
A Deep, Bold Shade Of Blue
Lotus F448
Delicate Yet Dynamic Soft Green
Spa X442
Light Mint
Crystal G371
A Fresh And Cooling Green
Trade Wind H441
Pale Teal With Mint Hues
Wave H440
Seafoam Green
Menthol J442
The Perfect Combination Of Blue And Green
Mosaic J367
Invigorating Light Blue-Green
Arctic Willow M495
A Delicate Green With Blue Undrtones.
Nephrite N494
Dark Sage Green
Railway V495
Dark Grey-Green
Petrol S491
Dark Cadet Blue
Abyss N439
A Dark Green With Blue-Grey Undertones.
Horseradish F390
A Bright Off-White
Taffeta F383
Pale, Neutral Green
Angelica F452
A Fresh And Delicate Apple Green
Sea Smoke X447
Light Sage Green
Serpentine V447
Medium Sage Green
Flannel J446
Misty Grey-Green
Nile V386
Cosy Mid-Green
Olive Grove V451
Mid Sage Green
Jade V449
Light Jade Green
Sepal L447
Deep Olive Green
Grotto M449
Winter Forest Green
Ficus N378
Deep Forrest Green
Muse G385
Light Pastel Green
April G452
Soft Beige With Hints Of Yellow And Green
Repose H450
Light Beige Green
Cucumber Y383
A Barely-There Green
Aloe X381
Soothing But Trendy Light Green
Chablis X388
A Pale Spring Green
Wasabi N388
Soft Tennis Ball Green
Arbour S451
A Khaki Green Tone
Amazon M386
A Modern Olive Green
Basilica M384
A Vivid Shade Of Earthy Green
Emerald L373
An Energetic, Playful Green
Fjord M442
Misty Green-Grey
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Disclaimer: Tikkurila UK Paint Calculator is provided as a guide only. The coverage rates will vary depending on surface being coated and the particular product range being used. More information on these products can be found on the cans, on the technical data sheets on individual product pages, by using our live chat service or by calling our technical team on 0131 334 4999.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the estimate, however paint requirements may vary depending on the surface, type of paint, sheen level and colour chosen.