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Comprehensive Facade 760 colour collection

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Tikkurila responds to the changing exterior colour trends with the comprehensive façade 760 colour collection.

Tikkurila has renewed its exterior colour cards to serve the needs of the professional and consumer customers better than ever. All façade colours have been collected into one convenient façade 760 colour fan deck, and new bright colours have been added to the colour collection. The comprehensive façade 760 collects durable exterior colour options for mineral, wood and metal surfaces together in one single collection.

We have taken our customers' wishes into account in developing the façade 760 colour system; more bright colours for façades, one clear colour range for professionals, and carefully selected colour suggestions for consumers. The changing exterior colour trends also influenced the development of the new colour card.

"The current colour spectrum of stone façades is fairly wide, and architects do not hesitate to use strong colours. Recently, bright colours have become more common in the details of stone façades in particular, but in the future, you might also see them on larger mineral surfaces. I believe that the use of colour will become increasingly clearer in the future, and instead of focusing on one single building, the façade will be seen as a part of the whole block of houses with respect to colours, too. I feel that the new, brighter colours also affect the exterior colours of wooden houses, especially as wooden apartment houses are becoming more common. Now bright colours can be combined with earthy tones, such as in stone façades, which is definitely a positive change" says the architect, Mikko Rosti.

Based on the colour statistics by Tikkurila, a more minimalist colour scheme has continued to triumph in the consumers' exterior colour choices for the past five years.

"In the Nordic countries, grey is often seen as a natural choice, because we often repeat the colours of the scenery in our exterior colours. As the palette has become more limited, trendsetters, such as architects, have begun to favour bright colours in building façades. Therefore, the new façade 760 colour system meets the demand for both grey and bright colours," says Marika Raike, who is responsible for Tikkurila's colour materials.

Tikkurila Colour Service has developed and tested all colours in the façade 760 colour card using standardised methods to ensure that the new colours are of high quality and that they work equally well in products intended for wood, metal as well as mineral surfaces. Tikkurila has unique colour materials, created with Tikkurila's genuine water-based colour card paint. Like the Symphony interior colour card, façade 760 is a comprehensive tool for all of Tikkurila's professional customers.

The façade 760 colour card has been divided into three parts: Classic, Effect and Nordic. Classic includes 552 colours from the traditional colour categories, Effect has 160 effect colours and Nordic presents the Nordic countries' 30 most popular exterior colours. In addition, the fan has 18 Roof and Signal colours. We help consumers by offering new, carefully selected exterior colour collections and the revamped inspirational Kaunis Talo (Beautiful House) idea chips.

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