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With the arrival of spring—and warmer temperatures—comes the urge to spend every minute in our back garden. These outdoor living spaces offer a perfect place to lounge, dine alfresco, and enjoy moments with friends and family all summer long. Whether your ideal garden is a manicured terrace or a quaint nook, now is the perfect time to prep your patio for a season of entertaining. For this project, we show you how you can give your backyard a whole new look with a few minor adjustments.

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Once a worn-out terrace, the patio’s aged decking was refreshed with the Valtti Plus Terrace Oil, a UV-resistant oil that contains high-performance pigments in a contemporary shade of pine grey. It forms a tough water repellent surface while the stain penetrates the wood for a glowing finish, highlighting the unique characteristics of wood. With tints available in ash grey, black or brown, Valtti Plus Terrace Oil prevents wood splintering, fading and cracking in weather stress and is suitable for wooden decking and outdoor furniture.  


Take the extra steps in creating your dream backyard by painting an outdoor dining table and foldable chairs with a fresh coat of paint. Refreshed with the calming green tones of J442 Menthol and the pastel pink H417 Mezeron from the Feel the Colour collection, the dining set brings a touch of colour to this relaxing nook. It is just as easy to upscale old furniture with the semi-gloss water-based acrylic paint Unica Akva, an ideal choice for painting wood and metal surfaces. Due to its high levels of durability and impact resistance for timber surfaces, Unica Akva is suitable for both new and previously painted surfaces and in addition to impregnated wooden surfaces. 


An outdoor bathtub can bring a sense of whimsical to your back garden. Here, an old tub was upcycled in the sophisticated dark grey tones of M499 Cloak, adding a beautiful contrast to the leafy green surroundings while remaining harmoniously in tune with the terrace deck. The exterior of the bathtub was also achieved using the Unica Akva paint, with extra preparation steps taken in cleaning, sanding and a few recoats for a smooth finish. 

Putting the idea into practice

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Begin by wiping the untreated surface of the decking clean, removing dirt, dust and lose material. If the surface requires a more in-depth clean due to mould or moss, use the Tikkurila Terrace Cleaner (Terassi- Ja Kalustepesu) cleaning agent to remove unwanted dirt and leave it to dry. Surfaces that have been previously treated with wood oil require the removal of loose material with a scraper and/or a wire brush. Prep the surface by cleaning and, if necessary, wash with Terrace Cleaner according to instructions. If a visible film remains on the surface, remove it before treatment. 

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Stir the Valtti Plus Terrace Oil thoroughly before use and from time to time during application. Spread the oil tightly with a brush or a sponge so that the oil is absorbed evenly into the wood and wipe off any excess oil. Apply one coat by spreading the oil evenly along the entire length of the board in continuous strokes to avoid overlapping. Keep in mind that surfaces continuously exposed to the weather may need to be treated annually. 

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Colours used

Menthol J442
The Perfect Combination Of Blue And Green
Cloak M499
A Contemporary But Warm Mid-Grey
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