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Garden DIY Tips | Hero Image Wheelbarrow | Tikkurila

Over time, the items we curate in and out of our homes will have seen better days. Whether they’re stuck in cupboards or hiding away in the back of our sheds, you may consider throwing out these unloved items. Take our go-to garden tools, when they begin to show their age and are in need of an update – why not upcycle? A far more sustainable and cost-effective option than buying something completely new, this simple trick is one of the most straightforward and creative ways to make your tools look refreshed.


Whether it’s a rustic wheelbarrow hiding or an old broom that is in need of rescuing – this easy DIY project will not only help you get your garden on track for summer but also make your tools look spectacular.

Garden DIY Tips | Wheelbarrow | Tikkurila
Garden DIY Tips | Wheelbarrow | Tikkurila

For this project, the earthy tones of greenish-blue of N439 Abyss from our Feel the Colour collection was used to repaint the surface of the rustic wheelbarrow. The dark green tones complement the garden's collection of aged wood and leafy green plants against a dark grey-navy exterior. The semi-gloss finish of the wheelbarrow was achieved with the Unica Enamel (Unica Ulkokalustemaali). Specially formulated as a solvent-based alkyd enamel, the superior Unica Enamel paint offers high levels of durability and is impact resistant for interior and exterior painting of metal and wood furniture.


Years of temperamental weather and growing mildew had left a wooden brush handle in need of a new look. In little time, the outdoor broom was upcycled with the Wood Oil Akva (Puuoljy Akva), which can be pre-tinted with Tikurila's Deco Grey Woodstain, Exterior Woodstain, or Woodstain & Lacquer colour cards – so there's no need to limit yourself to traditional brown stains when aquamarine and fiery orange tones are an option. Wood Oil Akva (Puuoljy Akva) is a next-generation water-based wood oil based on vegetable derivatives, providing weather protection for new and previously oiled wooden furniture and decking.

Garden DIY Tips | Garden Tools | Tikkurila
Garden DIY Tips | Brush | Tikkurila
Garden DIY Tips | Brush | Tikkurila

Putting the idea into practice


Upcycling your old garden tools into items you'll be proud of displaying takes little time. Reserve a few evening for painting the wheelbarrow to allow Unica Enamel (Unica Ulkokalustemaali) paint to dry, while the brush handle can be transformed in one evening.


Repainting the wheelbarrow…

Garden DIY Tips | Wheelbarrow | Tikkurila


Begin by wiping the surface of the wheelbarrow and clean using the Tikkurila Maalipesu cleaning agent to remove unwanted dirt and leave it to dry. For previously painted surfaces, remove loose paint with a scraper and sand the whole wheelbarrow.

Garden DIY Tips | Painting Wheelbarrow | Tikkurila


Stir the semi-gloss Unica Enamel (Unica Ulkokalustemaali) paint, pre-tinted with your colour of choice, thoroughly before use. Thin if necessary with White Spirit 1050 in brush application or with Spray Thinner 1032 in spray application. Apply one or two coats by brush, roller or spray.

Upcycling the wooden brush...

Garden DIY Tips | Cleaning Brush | Tikkurila


Begin by wiping the cleaning the wooden brush handle with Tikkurila Terrace Cleaner (Terassi- Ja Kalustepesu) cleaning agent to remove unwanted dirt and leave it to dry.

Garden DIY Tips | Painting Brush | Tikkurila


Stir the water-based Wood Oil Akva (Puuoljy Akva), pre-tinted with your colour of choice, thoroughly before use. Spread the oil tightly with a brush or a sponge, so the oil is absorbed evenly into the wood and wipe off any excess oil. Apply one coat by spreading the oil evenly along the entire length of the board in continuous strokes to avoid overlapping.


For more information on painting or other DIY projects, visit our Ideas & Advice page.

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