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How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | Header Image | Tikkurila

An outdated colour, missing hardware or a tired finish; when it becomes evident that your cupboards have seen better days, it can feel like your living space is stuck in the past. 

Envious Pinterest-worthy interiors can tempt you to pursue homeware solutions in ways to upgrade your storage, but they often lead to an expensive renovation cost. If you are looking to refresh your bedroom, hallway or living room, you don't always have to buy something new to give your space an overdue update. With a little woodwork and a fresh coat of paint, we took a set of lacklustre cabinets and transformed them into a contemporary storage unit. 

How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | Before lmage | Tikkurila
How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | After lmage | Tikkurila
How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | Wrapper lmage | Tikkurila

We chose the water-based acrylic matt Helmi 10 Paint for the storage cabinets as it is a tested replacement for traditional solvent furniture paint. Picking up hints of mocha and chocolate, we tinted our Helmi 10 Paint with S483 from the Symphony Colour collection similar to our popular S484 Conglomerate colour in the Feel the Colour collection. The warm tones of the medium brown colourway can achieve a striking look, adding a sense of drama to the hallway while remaining understated enough to tune in with its surroundings. New groove panel doors were added to the front of the cabinet doors to give them a modern spin, while new cover plates gave them a built-in feel. Adding new trim to frame the storage cabinets allows for the new floor-to-ceiling height to provide a polished backdrop to your hallway. Embracing unfamiliar colours into your colour scheme can add depth and warmth to overlooked corners in your family home. You can even go further by customising your chosen paint colour to reflect the tones in your home. This shade of brown (S483) was slightly tinted with grey to pick up the contrasting white walls' cooler tones. 


The renovation of cabinet doors begins with a little woodwork. With the right tools and some precise measurements, you can upcycle old cabinets into a custom-made piece of furniture that is unique and personal to you. Take time to think about finishing touches like handles that will take your new storage cabinets the extra mile. Swapping out hardware with brass or copper can add a modern touch to old fronts - a transformation that can be accomplished in no time. When completing this project, allow for plenty of time for wood glue and paint coats to dry. We also recommend seeking out a professional joiner to help with the cover plates that surround the wardrobes to complete this project. 

Putting the idea into practice

How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | Paneling lmage | Tikkurila


Begin by removing the doors from the frames and cut the panels to the desired size. Attach the doors panels with wood glue, and place weights on top of the doors while the glue dries. You can also secure the boards with screws at the back of the door for extra support. 


How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | Framing lmage | Tikkurila


To finish off the panel edges, saw strips of wood to cover the ends and attach with small nails.  

How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | Pretreatment lmage | Tikkurila


 Prepare the surface for painting by cleaning the doors with Tikkurila Kalustepesu cleaning agent - ensure to read instructions thoroughly before use. Once dry, apply a single coat of Helmi Pohjamaali Primer that has been tinted to the topcoat's shade for the doors. 

How to update storage cabinets without replacing them | Painting lmage | Tikkurila


Finish with 1-2 coats of the matt Helmi 10 furniture paint, pre-mixed with your chosen colour. Helmi 10 furniture paint can be recoated after 16 hours. If a different finish is required, opt for the glossy Helmi 80 or semi-matt Helmi 30.  

Colour used

TVT S483
Paint Calculator

How much paint do I need? 

Use this calculator to work out your requirements, if you have any question please get in touch with one of our team who will be more than willing to help you.

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