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Beige bathrooms get a bad rap. Far from being a boring colour choice, beige tones are some of the most versatile around, allowing you to create an interior that's truly you. 

Perhaps you're stuck with beige bathroom tiles and need to work around them. Beige tiles needn't be an eyesore. In fact, you can give them a new lease of life by picking out the right neutral colour

Whether you're working around existing wall tiles or want to say goodbye to an all-white bathroom for good, a beige colour palette is the way to go. These muted hues work well in small spaces and larger, more contemporary bathrooms alike. 

At Tikkurila, you'll find an extensive selection of beige paint colours to help you transform your existing bathroom into a serene sanctuary. 

What Makes Beige a Great Choice for Bathrooms?

There's a reason why whites and neutrals are such popular choices for bathroom decor. They're refreshing and evoke a feeling of cleanliness. However, too much white can leave a bathroom feeling cold and sterile. 

Beiges can work just as well as white in a bathroom. You still benefit from a neutral base on which to build, while more understated beiges can bounce around natural light. 

Beige is also incredibly versatile. You won't struggle to find the perfect match for those beige floor tiles that need to remain where they are. What's more, beige walls will serve as a low-key backdrop to a white vanity unit or freestanding bath. 

It's also easy to accessorise when you start with a beige bathroom idea. Use a darker hue to create a stylish feature wall in a small bathroom. If you're lucky to have more space to work with, get creative by introducing natural textures and earthy elements to your decor scheme. 

Five Stunning Beige Shades to Consider

Interested in exploring beige bathroom ideas for yourself? We've picked out five of the best beige shades in our collection for you to consider. 

Looking to replace an all-white decor scheme with a rich neutral? A creamy white like Coconut Y456 is a superb choice if you want a versatile beige to overhaul your bathroom. 

This muted beige will work nicely in a small space. However, it can also be coordinated with darker shades in a contemporary bathroom. The yellow undertones are a particularly nice touch, adding essential warmth that will add some welcoming ambience to your bathroom. 

You can use this paint colour for any bathroom decorating project. It'll coordinate perfectly with those existing porcelain tiles and bathroom fixtures. If you're splashing out on a full remodel, think about swapping out chrome fixtures for low-maintenance matt black ones. 

Having a hard time picturing anything other than an all-white bathroom? If so, it's best to take baby steps with something like Calla G503. 

At first glance, this delicate neutral is hard to distinguish from classic white. However, this off-white is enhanced with warm undertones. If your bathroom constantly feels dank and sterile, this shade is ideal. 

Another great thing about this paint colour is that it pairs well with almost any other colour. You can add more conventional beiges into the mix, opt for greige-inspired tones, or make a statement with dramatic contrasts. 

Taking inspiration from soft linen, Snowite F470 is one of our most delicate beige paint colours. It'll help you create a truly relaxing space, making it easy to enjoy a much-needed soak at the end of a long day. 

Because this paint colour boasts subtle pink undertones, it's best to reach for red-inspired complementary shades when putting together a broader palette. Use fiery crimsons to create drama, or play around with pastels for something more understated. 

Here's another gorgeous off-white that's perfect for those long-overdue bathroom transformations. Gallery F313 will have your bathroom looking like new again, with a hint of yellow bringing a subtle shot of sunshine to your everyday routine. 

As with any beige, this paint colour is a versatile option. Use it as an all-wall colour and stick to simple accents, or take a more daring route with an assortment of tonal beige shades and neutral hues. 

Searching for the perfect complementary colour? Anything from the grey family will work nicely here. For a more sophisticated finish, think about using a couple of different greiges to add extra depth to your space. 

If your bathroom is dim and lacking in energy, you'll want a beige that promotes a feeling of warmth. A paint colour like Semolina G398 is the perfect antidote to dreary interiors that need a little helping hand. 

Technically, this is a warm cream. However, there are subtle undertones of brown and grey on offer here, making it an easy pairing with anything from the beige family. For a more luxurious interior, you can also use jewel tones. 

Best Colours to Pair with Beige in a Bathroom

Now you've picked your favourite beige to use as your primary colour, you'll need to think about what other hues you'll be adding to your palette. Although beige is a versatile option for interior design, picking the right secondary shades hinges on what your ultimate objective is. 

Do you want to create a serene space you can relax in? You'll want to stay reasonably close to beige with colours like brown, grey and taupe. Natural textures like granite and marble can be used to accentuate these hues, as well as add some designer flourish to your space. 

Want to add warmth to a dimly lit space? Richer beiges will do a lot of the heavy lifting here, but you can help things along by picking out golden hues and syrupy shades. If you're comfortable with more daring colour combinations, think about bringing a splash of teal to a beige bathroom.

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