Green bathroom with white panelling

There are plenty of reasons why decorating a bathroom with green is a great idea. This classic colour family is clean and refreshing, making green walls the perfect addition to any bathroom. 

Furthermore, green is one of the most versatile palettes around. Use sage green or pastels to create a serene space you can unwind in. Alternatively, embrace lime green and citrus-infused hues if you're looking to reinvigorate your bathroom interior and feel energised in the morning. 

Whether you're looking for traditional or contemporary green bathroom ideas, these timeless hues are easy to work with. Muted greens and pastels are easy on the eye and coordinate well with just about any style of bathroom suite or furniture choice. For a more luxurious finish, embrace deep greens and emeralds for the perfect backdrop to designer fittings and elegant accents. 

Whatever green bathroom design you've got planned, you're bound to find the perfect paint colour at Tikkurila. Read on for some essential styling advice, along with a selection of some of our favourite green shades. 

Dark Green Bathroom Colour Schemes

If you want a more contemporary bathroom, dark green paint is the way to go. Perfect for larger spaces, rich greens and emerald-inspired hues will provide you with a sophisticated backdrop for designer tubs, elegant accents and designer fixtures and fittings. 

Dark Green and Grey Schemes

Abyss N439
A Dark Green With Blue-Grey Undertones.
Bungalow G500
A Pale Grey-Blue Tone

Prefer a more modern take on green bathrooms? Choose a richer shade when painting your bathroom walls. 

A colour like Abyss N439 is definitely going to make the right first impression. This dark green has hints of blue and grey, giving you plenty of freedom for incorporating room accents and secondary colours. 

If you don't want to use white for those finishing touches in your bathroom, stick with a colour like Bungalow G500. This pale grey has subtle hints of blue, making it the perfect addition to a green-infused bathroom interior.

Misty Green and Off-White Hues

Fjord M442
Misty Green-Grey
Camelia F300
An Off-White With Yellow Undertones

Just because you're leaning toward a darker palette, doesn't mean you can't use green paint to freshen up your bathroom. Misty shades are perfect for breathing new life into a small bathroom, while grey undertones add much-needed depth. 

If you're looking to use the same shade throughout your bathroom, consider a paint colour like Fjord M442. This misty green will turn any bathroom into a luxurious retreat, with its grey undertones working well with copper and gold accents. 

To open things up, choose light-coloured floor tiles to give the illusion of extra space. Alternatively, offset a darker wall colour with an off-white shade like Camelia F300.

Take Design Inspiration from the Natural World

Ficus N378
Deep Forrest Green
Halo F462
A Peachy And Harmonious Neutral

Green paint palettes are perfect for bringing the spirit of the natural world inside. Sage and mint green are the obvious choices, but forest greens can also work well. 

Using a colour like Ficus N378 on your bathroom walls will instantly create a sense of serenity. Although this paint colour is inspired by nature, it'll look right at home in a more contemporary space, especially if you're looking to create a more dramatic interior. 

You can add layers of elegance with hints of green marble or ornate bathroom tiles. Alternatively, brighten things up by touching up those final details with a peachy neutral like Halo F462. 

Light Green Bathroom Colour Schemes

In a smaller bathroom, some greens can prove overwhelming. However, just because your bathroom is on the small side, doesn't mean you can't fully utilise a green-heavy palette. 

Use a Bright and Breezy Shade

Cucumber Y383
A Barely-There Green
Tide L491
Classic Sea Green

Green bathrooms are the way to go if you're someone who enjoys soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day. However, ensuring you've picked out the right shades of green is crucial in creating a serene and relaxing interior. 

A green shade like Cucumber Y383 brings plenty of pigment, but won't overwhelm the senses. This is one of our most subtle green paint colours, with a little hint of grey giving it a contemporary edge. 

If your bathroom is still crying out for a touch of colour, think about working a hint of Tide L491 into the mix. With undertones of blue, this sea green shade is a great choice for those thinking about a natural-inspired decor scheme. 

Calming and Contemporary Green Bathroom Ideas

Jade V449
Light Jade Green
Tuft H495
Delicate Light Grey

Light colours are often synonymous with more traditional decor schemes, but you can use muted greens to create a stunning bathroom interior. 

A paint colour like Jade V449 will instantly elevate your space. Rich and packing plenty of personality, this jade green shade is underscored with a hint of grey. 

Why not take inspiration from the undertones when working in some secondary colours? Something like Tuft H495 is a fine choice for putting the finishing touches to a more subdued bathroom. 

Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom

Trade Wind H441
Pale Teal With Mint Hues
Angelica F452
A Fresh And Delicate Apple Green

If your bathroom is looking a little worn around the edges, now's the time to reinvigorate it with a green colour palette. 

At first glance, Trade Wind H441 looks like a teal blue shade, but there's plenty of mint green in the mix. This vibrant paint colour will make a fine addition to modern bathrooms. If you want to work in even more colour, think about incorporating some green subway tiles. 

If you're overhauling a smaller bathroom, it's best to stick with a more neutral shade as an accent colour. Need some suggestions? Angelica F452 is an easy choice with its apple green pigment and subtle grey undertones. 

Green Bathroom Colour Schemes

You don't have to stay clearly within the green colour family when decorating your bathroom in sages, mints and citrus shades. Below, you'll find some winning colour combinations that work beautifully alongside green. 

Green, Off-White and Purple

Menthol J442
The Perfect Combination Of Blue And Green
Snowdrift L503
White With A Touch Of Blue
Charm S427
A Delicate And Soft Purple-Grey

Vibrant greens work best when teamed with elegant shades like purple and tan-infused neutrals. Start with a vivid bluish-green like Menthol J442 as your primary colour, then slowly introduce secondary hues and accents into the mix. 

Purple isn't an obvious pairing with green, but a more muted shade like Charm S427 will make a fine accompaniment to green walls. Use it alongside green if you're thinking about a two-tone wall effect. 

Now you've taken care of your signature colours, pick out something subtle to balance things out. Rather than reach for pure white emulsion, use something like Snowdrift L503 instead. This cool white paint colour has blue undertones, which work incredibly well alongside green and purple alike. 

Vibrant Green, Blue and Neutrals

Mosaic J367
Invigorating Light Blue-Green
Coconut Y456
A Creamy White With Yellow Undertones
April G452
Soft Beige With Hints Of Yellow And Green

There's a lot of overlap between green and blue when it comes to colour psychology. Both palettes promote a sense of calm and well-being, making them obvious choices for any bathroom. 

When decorating your bathroom, enjoy the best of both worlds with a colour like Mosaic J367. This vibrant bluish-green paint is perfect for modern bathrooms and can be used in spaces of any size. 

You'll need something softer to balance out such a vivid wall colour. A creamy neutral like Coconut Y456 will work particularly well, while a soft beige like April G452 is another fine choice. 

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