Neutral bathroom with a sage green door

There's nothing more inviting than a neutral bathroom. Neutral schemes with muted colours create a calming ambience, helping you relax and unwind at the end of a long day. 

Many people dismiss neutral shades when it comes to deciding on bathroom colour schemes. While it's true some neutral tones can fall flat, the right colour combination can transform any bathroom interior. You can play around with tonal shades to add depth or introduce blush pink and a dusky palette for a more luxurious bathroom. 

A neutral bathroom colour scheme is also a good choice if you're working with limited square footage. It's easy to overwhelm a small bathroom with bright colours or darker shades. Neutrals bring plenty of personality, without sacrificing a sense of serenity. 

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Pale pink and white bathroom

Playful Pink Bathroom Palettes

If you're tired of white bathroom interiors, it's time to experiment with a pink palette. Perfect if you're looking to create a more feminine and inviting space, pink-infused neutral hues will effortlessly create a feeling of calm and tranquillity. 

For best results, use your pink neutral of choice for a bathroom paint, then use a lighter shade or off-white colour for ceilings. To add character to your bathroom, play around with texture and natural materials. Rattan laundry hampers and light oak work particularly well with muted pinks and pale neutrals. 

Looking for a luxurious pink to add to bathroom walls? How about Gallery F313? This soft neutral boasts beautiful lilac undertones that can be accented with everything from crisp white to cool grey. It works great in a paint with a matt finish.

Searching for a complementary colour? Why not give Paper F497 a try. Thanks to its subtle lilac undertones, this light blue works particularly well with pink paint colours.

Need a brighter shade to inject some personality into your bathroom? Cocoa Butter F392 will deliver. This pale pink can be used to paint an entire bathroom, but it's also a great choice for feature walls.

Colours Mentioned:

Gallery F313
An Off-White With A Hint Of Yellow
Paper F497
Pure White
Cocoa Butter F392
A ​Light And Inviting Warm Cream
contemporary bathroom with a white wall and dark blue vanity unit

Calm and Contemporary Bathrooms

If you're a fan of contemporary aesthetics, there's no shortage of bathroom colour ideas to consider. You can keep things simple with off-white walls, before making a statement with darker bathroom furniture and units.

This design approach can be used in bathrooms of any size. However, if your bathroom is on the small side, stick to neutral colours when painting walls and use darker hues in moderation. You can also give the illusion of extra space by incorporating light wood flooring or beige tiles.

If you're after a timeless wall colour, look no further than Winter V503. This light blue works well with everything from grey to navy. Because it's so light, it will also brighten up any interior. 

Now you've taken care of the walls, you can start introducing more dynamic colours. Royal M436 is particularly effective at creating a contemporary aesthetic. Use this one to paint bathroom cabinets. 

Searching for something a little lighter? Go with Indigo L429. This medium blue makes an instant impression and works beautifully with white countertops, light oak flooring and chrome hardware.

Colours Mentioned:

Royal M436
Deep Blue With A Hint Of Green
Winter V503
Off-White With The Lightest Touch Of Grey
Indigo L429
Deep Ink Blue
Grey bathroom

Neutral Colours for Eclectic Interiors

Just because you're using neutral colours, doesn't mean you can't embrace a more eclectic approach to interior design. Using neutral tones leaves you with a blank canvas that can be brought to life with eye-catching wall tiles, prints and bathroom fabrics. 

For something simple, go with a colour like Lotus F448. This off-white shade has a hint of blue, making it a breath of fresh air. This one works with just about any other neutral but really shines when coordinated with darker blues and greys. 

Bungalow G500 is another fine choice. This pale blue is perfect for walls, while its stripped-back pigment means you'll have no trouble deciding on complementary colours. Keep it simple with white floor tiles, or mix things up with a parquet style. 

Finally, there's Necklace F428. This is another pale blue, but there's a hint of grey at work here as well. Follow its lead with blue and grey accents, or throw in a splash of yellow for a ray of sunshine.

Colours Mentioned:

Bungalow G500
A Pale Grey-Blue Tone
Lotus F448
Delicate Yet Dynamic Soft Green
Necklace F428
Pale Light Grey
Earthy neutral bathroom

Keep it Simple with Earthy Neutrals

Neutral bathrooms don't have to be limited to off-whites, greys and pale blues. In fact, earthy neutrals are just as effective and create a warmer, more relaxing space. What's more, earthy tones work particularly well in bathrooms with no natural light. 

A colour like Harvest V406 is a great choice for walls. This terracotta paint colour will add character to any bathroom. However, if you're decorating a smaller space, mix things up with plenty of white. 
If white isn't your thing, coordinate with a muted neutral instead. A light blue like Arctic Fox S503 will work well alongside a terracotta tone. Furthermore, its grey undertones an extra layer of detail.

Colours Mention

Harvest V406
Mid-Tone Orange
Arctic Fox S503
A Pure White With A Soft Touch Of Yellow

Neutral Bathroom Colour Palettes

Ready to decorate? If you still need some inspiration, read on for a few colour combinations that will turn any bathroom into a space to be proud of. 

Pink Neutral Colour Palettes

Doll H405
This Gentle And Soft Orange Hue
Chickpea G311
A Light Peach With Yellow Undertones

Pink bathrooms aren't for everyone, but a more muted approach to this palette can yield impressive results. To achieve a neutral interior, stick to muted pinks and coordinate with greys and off-whites. 

A shade like Doll H405 is a great choice for bathroom walls. This light pink paint will leave your space feeling fresh and airy. If you're looking to introduce a tonal palette, a pale pink shade like Chickpea G311 is another fine option.

Grey Neutral Colour Palettes 

Driftwood V484
An Earthy Grey-Brown
Kaolin H497
Milky Cream With Yellow And Green Hues
Shiitake N484
Classic Medium Brown

Greys are a go-to choice for neutral bathrooms. However, you need to be careful when decorating with these shades. To avoid your bathroom looking flat and uninspired, you'll need to introduce multiple shades to add depth and character. 

Start with something like Kaolin H497 for wall and ceiling paints. This light grey paint colour boasts lilac undertones, which can easily be coordinated with all manner of shades. 

Once you're ready to add some detail, reach for a pot of Driftwood V484. This mauve paint colour has hints of grey and lilac, which can easily be accented with bathroom accessories. 

Finally, think about throwing some Shiitake N484 into the mix. This grey neutral is perfect for coating larger surfaces, while its subtle purple undertones won't go unnoticed.

Pink and Purple Neutral Colour Palettes

Gallery F313
An Off-White With A Hint Of Yellow
Granulite K484
Pale Stony Brown
Shantung V481
Medium Dusky Purple

Pink and purple are a marriage made in heaven. If you're wary of going all in pink, use a combination of colours to overhaul your bathroom decor. 

Gallery F313 is one of our lightest neutral paints. This gorgeous pink shade has delicate lilac undertones, which can be accented with everything from mauve to magenta. 

For a stronger contrast, use a colour like Granulite K484. This eye-catching shade brings together the best qualities of grey and purple, making it an effective choice for skirting boards and coving.

Dusky Neutral Colour Palettes

Bast G405
A Soft And Delicate Peach
Gold Ore J462
Golden Tan
Kestrel L478
Deep Brown With Cool Red Undertones

Thinking about a more sophisticated overhaul? Dusky neutrals are the way to go. 

It's best to start with a brighter neutral when painting walls. A striking pink-like Bast G405 will provide you with a brilliant foundation to build upon. 

Next, work in some dusky tones. Gold Ore J462 works beautifully with lighter pinks thanks to its purple and grey undertones. 

For furniture and feature walls, go with a darker neutral. Kestrel L478 makes an instant impression with its aubergine pigment and brings a touch of luxury.

Off-White Neutral Colour Palettes

Jasmine F503
Airy Cream With Yellow Tones
Conglomerate S484
A Creamy, Mocha Brown

If you're someone who prefers to play it safe, off-white neutrals are always the best choice. With a few decorative touches, they can turn a basic bathroom into a tranquil oasis.

For walls and bathroom ceilings, use an off-white paint like Jasmine F503. With its subtle lilac undertones, this paint colour isn't lacking in depth. 

Next, you'll need a complementary colour to add visual interest. A grey paint like Conglomerate S484 more than delivers. This stylish neutral works well with just about any shade from the colour wheel.

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