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If your bathroom decor is in desperate need of a refresh, it's time to embrace the citrus-infused section of the colour wheel. Orange might not seem like an obvious choice for bathroom design, but this bold colour family is perfect if you're looking to create a one-of-a-kind interior. 

Whether you're ready to embrace tangerine-inspired orange walls or are looking to incorporate more subtle pastels, citrus shades can work wonders in any bathroom. An orange bathroom will stir the senses in the morning, serving as a welcome change from all-white interiors and lacklustre decor schemes. 

At Tikkurila, you'll discover a huge collection of orange paint colours to help you realise your design ideas. No matter whether you're overhauling a small space or revamping a larger bathroom, you're bound to find a shade that fits the bill.

Why Use Orange Paint Colours in a Bathroom?

Orange is a welcome colour choice in just about any space. However, it's a particularly effective choice for bathrooms. Vibrant citrus shades bring boundless energy to a room and can help you inject a modern feel into a space that's long overdue for a makeover. 

However, if you've ever used orange before, putting this palette to good use in a bathroom can prove a challenge. Muted hues and pastels tend to be best in a powder room or small bathroom, while larger spaces will benefit from a bright and vibrant hue. 

Although some people find orange an overwhelming design choice, it's a surprisingly versatile colour. It works incredibly well with white shades, making orange walls the perfect backdrop to white bathroom suites and porcelain tiles. Fiery oranges also coordinate beautifully with dark woods and metallics, giving you plenty of options when it comes to bathroom furniture and fixtures. 

Our Favourite Orange Paint Colours for a Bathroom

Warming up to the idea of an orange bathroom? Whether you're looking to keep things muted with pastels or want to drag your space into the modern era with a more vibrant shade, we've got plenty of paint colours for you to choose from. 

For the less adventurous out there, it's best to stick to a more delicate shade when introducing orange to your bathroom decor. For a softer take on a citrus palette, consider using Bast G405. 

This delicate peach paint will bring just the right amount of colour to your bathroom, without overwhelming your interiors. With an undertone of pink, it'll instantly energise your space, giving you a fresh aesthetic that's the perfect fit for a bathroom. 

Because it's fairly muted, you'll have no trouble coordinating this paint colour with bathroom suites and furniture. It's a timeless pairing with white suites and furniture but also works nicely with light and dark woods, as well as metallics. 

Some people dismiss pastel colours as being too boring, but Siesta J407 proves there's plenty to love about soft-hued shades. This pastel orange is rich and luxurious, with more than a hint of pink thrown into the mix for good measure. 

Use this one to elevate larger bathrooms if you're thinking about a more elegant makeover. It'll work beautifully alongside white bathtubs and vanity units, especially if your fixtures have more ornate finishes. 

You can use this refined pastel shade on its own, or work in a secondary orange to add depth. If you want to brighten up your bathroom interior, choose a light neutral with pink or orange undertones. For a more timeless interior, coordinate with stripped-back neutrals or powder greys.  

In a small bathroom with limited natural light, it's best to stick with lighter pastels. A soft orange like Riviera Y406 is a brilliant choice for more compact spaces like powder rooms or a downstairs toilet. 

As with many of our other pastel oranges, this paint colour has a subtle hint of pink. This not only brings extra depth to your decor but also leaves you with plenty of options for introducing secondary colours. 

If you want to play around with multiple shades of orange, go lighter with a paler pastel with yellow undertones. When coordinating with darker hues, stick with earthy orange shades or cast the net wider and choose dusky pinks and purples. 

Citrus shades are synonymous with an orange colour palette, but they're the only hues you can put to use in your bathroom. An earthy tone like Beeswax L396 is an ideal choice if you want to use orange in your bathroom, but don't want to overwhelm a space with fruity character. 

Although this is somewhat darker than some of our other orange paint colours, it's not lacking in sunny character. Rather, it's deep and rich, bringing essential warmth that will help you relax as you enjoy a much-needed soak at the end of a long day. 

You can use this paint colour alongside mid-tone if you want to experiment with multiple orange shades or stick to timeless colour pairings like grey or white. If you're thinking about a more luxurious bathroom renovation, you can even pair this orange shade with darker hues like burnt reds or aubergine. 

If you're looking for a versatile colour choice, go with a burned orange hue. A colour like Folklore S315 will work exceptionally well in a bathroom of any size. 

A superb alternative to traditional hues like terracotta, this rich orange packs plenty of complex character. Use it on every wall of your bathroom if there's sufficient natural light, or mix in some fiery tangerine or pastel hues to brighten things up. 

Although it's a fairly earthy colour choice, this orange works well with all manner of materials and accent colours. You can pair it with white bathroom suites, hardwood furniture and metallic furnishings to great effect. 

Tips for Making Orange Work in a Bathroom

Still not sure whether orange is the right choice for your bathroom? We've put together some essential tips to help you make effective use of this dynamic colour palette in your bathroom. 

Use Other Complementary Colours

Don't be afraid of decorating with orange when overhauling your bathroom. If you want to keep things straightforward, pairing your orange of choice with white accents will deliver effortlessly stylish and timeless results. 

Use Other Complementary Colours

Don't be afraid of decorating with orange when overhauling your bathroom. If you want to keep things straightforward, pairing your orange of choice with white accents will deliver effortlessly stylish and timeless results. 

An all-white bathroom suite and white tiles will work beautifully alongside pastel walls or more fiery orange shades. However, you can create a more dazzling finish by using the right colour pairings. Greens and earthy tones work well with orange, but one of the finest complementary colours around is blue. 

Use as an Accent Colour

If you're resistant to the idea of using orange to coat your bathroom walls, you can still use this palette to accentuate your space. 

You can be as reserved or as liberal as you like. Start slowly by adding an orange shower curtain or bathroom accessories into the mix. If you're feeling particularly bold, why not incorporate orange tiles into your bathtub surround? 

Consider Your Lighting

If you've coated your bathroom walls in orange, you'll need to be creative with your lighting choices. Extra-warm light bulbs can create a relaxing ambiance in bathroom spaces, especially if you've opted for a richer hue for your bathroom walls. However, too much warm light can leave an all-orange bathroom feeling dank and sapped of energy. 

The best bathroom interiors should be invigorating, giving you that much-needed kick to start the day with gusto. If your orange bathroom is on the dark side, consider equipping your ceiling fixtures with ultra-bright LED bulbs. For enhanced illuminating, think about upgrading your vanity unit with dedicated lighting. 

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