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If you're someone who naturally leans toward neutral colour schemes, a pink bathroom might not seem like an obvious choice. While hot pink and fiery fuchsia isn't for everyone, there's still plenty to enjoy about this dynamic colour palette. 

Pink bathrooms don't have to be overloaded with pigment. In fact, the best pink bathroom ideas incorporate far subtler shades that can add an air of luxury to your interiors. 

Had enough of lacklustre white walls in your bathroom? Ditch the second-rate emulsion and embrace the beauty of pink bathroom design. Blush pink works particularly well in a more elegant bathroom, especially when colour matched with white marble and gold fixtures. 

Eager to experiment with the pink bathroom trend? At Tikkurila, you'll find an unbeatable selection of pink paint shades, allowing you to create the colour scheme of your dreams. 

Why Use Pink Paint in Your Bathroom?

When decorating a bathroom, most people reach for neutral paint colours or classic white. While these shades are ideal for freshening up a bathroom interior, they're high-maintenance options and leave you little scope for personalising your space. 

A pink scheme is an ideal alternative. Pink paint shades can be used in place of white on bathroom walls, with soft pink hues serving as a brilliant backdrop for all-white bathroom suites and chrome fixtures. 

If you're not averse to a more arresting colour combo, think about combining pink walls with glossy pink furniture or pink bathroom accessories. 

Pink also works well with a multitude of secondary colours. If you want to keep things simple, stick to accents in crisp white or neutral grey. For a more elegant bathroom interior, introduce earthy tones and metallics for a hint of luxury. 

Our Top Pink Bathroom Paints

Here at Tikkurila, you'll find no shortage of eye-catching pink paint colours to choose from. Whether you're looking for the right shade for a pink wall or want a colour that will coordinate with porcelain tiles, our range is packed with premium choices. 

If you have your heart set on an all-pink bathroom, a paint colour like Milkshake Y411 is the perfect addition to your palette. As bubblegum pinks go, this is a fairly subtle shade, but it'll bring an element of playfulness to your bathroom interior. 

Use this paint colour liberally in larger bathrooms. If you're decorating a smaller space, consider reserving it for a single wall, then offset the pink character with off-white or a more neutral shade. 

Although this hue is unmistakably pink, it will work well with things like pure white and grey. It's also a fine choice for bathrooms kitted out with monochrome floor tiles or engineered wood flooring. 

While this paint colour will serve as a fine backdrop to an all-white bathroom suite, it also looks superb paired with pink furniture and more eclectic furnishings. Consider incorporating more colour with a pink pile bath mat or fluffy towels and fabrics. 

Searching for a more sophisticated shade? How about Pavillion X417? This dusky pink will make a welcome addition to a more elegant interior and will go down well with anyone with a love for lavender. 

An ideal choice for a more sophisticated bathroom, this muted pink has more than a hint of purple. Combine it with secondary shades like grey, or lean into luxury with gold-tone fixtures and copper accents. This dusky pink also works nicely with natural materials, so don't be afraid of incorporating oak and wooden units into your bathroom decor. 

If you're pining for more vibrant pinks, use a more dynamic coat to give your wall tiles a refresh. Alternatively, get creative with your soft furnishing choices to build an eye-catching colour palette. 

The best shades of pink can re-energise a bathroom space. If you're after something that falls closer to a floral shade, think about using Magnolia H320. 

Despite the name, this paint shade is packed with pink pigment, with an unmistakable rosy tone that will transform your bathroom. With hints of orange, it'll work nicely alongside creamy accent colours and citrus-infused shades. For a more simple interior, stick to whites and neutrals when bringing your room together. 

If you want to incorporate more dramatic notes of colour, consider using pink tiles around your bathtub or sink backsplash. If you're eager to use as much pink as possible, coordinate this one with something richer like a coral red or a purple-infused shade.

Do you have your heart set on a more grown-up bathroom? A rose pink with a hint of purple is the way to go. If you haven't picked out a primary colour for your design plans yet, think about using something like Rosy Moment V413. 

Although darker than some of our other options, this is a fairly neutral colour choice that can be used liberally in bathrooms of all sizes. The rose pink pigment works well with white suites and chrome fixtures, as well as light-coloured woods. 

For a bathroom interior that scores top marks for sophistication, think about installing copper or gold-tone fixtures. Darker woods like walnut will also work nicely alongside this stunning pink. 

Looking for a lighter take on rose pink? Mezeron H417 is the ideal choice. This dusky shade has hints of lavender, making it the perfect option for anyone who's struggling to choose between pink and purple. 

This premium pink paint will work incredibly well alongside dusky shades. For smaller bathrooms, use it alongside light bubblegum shades to freshen things up. For larger spaces, think about pairing it with dusky reds with brown undertones, or an eye-popping pink tile.

When it comes to the finishing touches, it's best to keep things simple. Avoid pink bathroom tiles and stick with porcelain ones in crisp white or neutral shades instead. When furnishing your bathroom, go with all-white suites or lighter woods for a clean and serene aesthetic.

Which Colours Work Well with Pink in a Bathroom?

One of the main reasons people avoid using pink in a bathroom is because they think it's a difficult shade to colour-match. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Provided you've picked a colour that serves your space well, pink can prove incredibly grounding and anchor your aesthetic choices. 

The easiest colour combos for a pink bathroom include grey, white and beige. For a stripped-back bathroom interior, stick to off-white secondary colours and subtle neutrals.

If you're thinking about a more eclectic bathroom interior, you've probably settled on something like fuchsia or flamingo for your walls. In this case, get creative with shades like turquoise and teal to create an effortless contrast. 

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