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If you're someone who struggles to get going in the morning, a yellow bathroom could be the ideal antidote to those groggy starts. Whether you opt for warm yellow or a citrus-inspired shade, sunny hues bring boundless energy to any bathroom. 

Some people are wary of decorating with yellow, but this colour palette can work in just about any interior. Sunny yellow shades can revitalise uninspired white spaces, while more vibrant hues can turn an outdated room into a contemporary bathroom to be proud of. 

Interested in introducing yellow to your bathroom decor? At Tikkurila, we stock an unbeatable selection of yellow paint colours, with everything from muted pastels to zesty lemon to choose from. 

Need some help deciding on which shade to choose from? Our guide outlines everything you need to know about how you can incorporate yellow into your bathroom. 

What Makes Yellow a Tempting Choice for Bathrooms?

Yellow walls run the risk of overwhelming the senses. However, the right shade of yellow can turn a design disaster into a space to be proud of. Instantly stimulating and surprisingly versatile, yellow is the perfect colour choice for a bold bathroom makeover. 

Is your bathroom sulking in the shade? It's not uncommon for bathrooms to have small windows that allow for limited levels of natural light. White walls go some way in compensating for this, but the best yellow bathroom ideas go one step further. 

With a yellow palette at your disposal, it's easy to bring bags of sunshine to your bathroom interiors, without the need for installing new windows or expensive lighting. 

What's more, yellow bathroom ideas work well with a multitude of accent colours and complementary shades. Lighter hues and pastels pair beautifully with white wall and floor tiles, while more vibrant shades can be coordinated with the likes of teal and navy blue. 

Our Go-To Yellow Paint Colours for the Bathroom

Ready to reinvigorate your bathroom? We've got plenty of yellow paint colours for you to choose from. Below are just a handful of our favourite shades. 

If you want to play things safe with a more subtle shade of yellow, consider a paint colour like Joy H303. This velvet hue will work well in a more traditional bathroom, but the rich pigment is also perfect for those looking to elevate their space beyond a more basic aesthetic. 

If your bathroom is equipped with a classic suite and all-white fixtures, this muted shade will serve as the ideal backdrop. There's a subtle note of pink here, adding essential depth and complexity to your space. 

If you want to mix things up a little, consider incorporating earthier shades to add extra depth. This yellow paint colour also works nicely with natural textures and hardwoods for those keen to add some biophilic design to their bathroom interior. 

If the idea of coating your bathroom walls in a dazzling yellow is too much of a design departure for you, a colour like Papyrus Y392 is a good compromise. 

This creamy shade is one of our lighter yellow hues, with a subtle pink undertone adding essential warmth. Because it's so stripped back, you've plenty of options when it comes to secondary colours and accents. Keep things simple with white suite fixtures or mix things up with stained woods and metallic elements. 

This muted shade will work well in smaller bathrooms, but it can also be used in larger spaces alongside other yellow-inspired hues. Consider working in darker pastels or earthy shades to create a layered and luxurious space. 

White bathroom interiors are the go-to for many. If you're resistant to abandoning a more neutral approach to bathroom decor, a colour like Parmesan F302 is something to consider. 

This creamy hue is one of our lightest yellow paint colours. It's a fine alternative for classic white, while a delicate undertone of pink adds essential warmth. Use it in larger rooms that are lacking in natural light, or pair it with darker shades infused with earthy tones and purple hues for an effortlessly elegant interior. 

Once you've coated your walls with this refreshing shade, think about swapping out existing floor tiles for monochromatic ones to create a statement. Failing that, bring your bathroom decor bang up-to-date with geometric patterns.

If you need a little sunshine in your life, there are few better colours to choose from than Lemonade H300. Light and fresh, this uplifting hue will breathe new life into your bathroom. 

This stunning shade will go down well with anyone with a penchant for pastels. However, there's plenty of depth to enjoy here, with subtle hints of pink that make colour matching a breeze. 

Does your bathroom only require a new lick of paint? This yellow hue will work beautifully alongside existing suites and fixtures. If you're considering a more extensive renovation, think about incorporating some dark woods and natural elements to the innate beauty of this eye-catching hue. 

Not ready to say goodbye to your white bathroom? Why not use a colour like Camelia F300 to bridge the gap between monotone and the more pigment-rich side of the colour wheel? 

This off-white paint shade can be used in place of plain emulsion, giving your bathroom an instant refresh. What's more, this off-white hue will bounce around light with ease, with subtle yellow undertones adding extra dimension to your decor. 

Once you've taken care of your bathroom walls, you can incorporate extra doses of colour with ease. Use a yellow shower curtain for an instant pop of colour. Alternatively, frame an all-white bathtub with yellow tiles to create visual interest. 

Which Colours Work Best With Yellow in a Bathroom?

Yellow is an incredibly versatile colour, meaning you won't struggle to find complementary shades to suit your new bathroom. From delicate neutrals to striking monochromes, colour-matching a yellow bathroom is easier than you think. 

Chosen a vibrant yellow for your bathroom walls? Complete the look with a black and white tiled floor, then introduce monochromatic accents to create subtle notes of contrast. 

Prefer an earthy interior? Golden yellows and mid-tone colours work well with browns and tans. You can even introduce notes of green into the mix, with sages and olive hues working particularly well. 

Do you favour contemporary interior design? Blue and yellow are made for each other. Choose a vibrant yellow as your key colour to anchor your decor, then reach for a royal blue or teal shade to create an unbeatable feature wall. 

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