Clean and open bedroom with white walls

A white interior is a failsafe option to brighten dark spaces and can make even the smallest of rooms feel spacious and airy. And yet, white paint can be a surprisingly divisive issue. Often misjudged as impersonal and cold, our complicated relationship with this shade overlooks the true beauty it can offer in our homes. With a pure blank canvas, the power of white can enhance tactile fabrics and show-stopping furniture at their very best. The perfect choice for your bedroom walls.

Picking up cool tones of grey and natural beige, F487 Feather from our Feel the Colour collection creates a warm and calming environment for the bedroom. The soft tones from this shade of white are complimented when paired harmoniously with a grey woollen headboard and rustic linen sheets, yet allows for key details to take centre stage. To give our paint further depth, we tinted Feather with our full-matt Joker interior paint. This luxurious paint mixture adds a richness to light and subtle shades. This creates a beautiful effect of silk to your bedroom walls.

The Joker range is one of our most eco-certified products in the Tikkurila family. This solvent-free, wash-resistant formula boasts low VOC-emission levels. It has been certified by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association (Helsinki), the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the EU Ecolabel and holds the M1 Emission Classification. Making this eco-conscious paint the perfect option for living spaces and bedroom walls in your home.

Whether or not F487 Feather is your perfect shade of white, our Feel the Colour collection features 263 opaque shades for interior surfaces. When you know the direction you want to take your room in, always consider the direction of natural light, the size of the room and how the contents will affect your desired shade. The easiest way to understand your shade is to take a tester and try it out at different times of the day to see how the results are affected by natural and artificial light.

Beige Curtains Against White Wall

Putting the idea into practice


Masking White Wall with Orange Painters Tape

Begin by treating the wall surfaces with Tikkurila Maalipesu cleaning agent to remove any unwanted dirt. Once dry, outline the desired area with masking tape to create a contrasting white border – we chose to create a border at the top to create a seamless flow from the wall into the ceiling. Using a spirit level or laser pointer will ensure lines are straight throughout.


Woman with Blonde Hair Painting Wall White with Roller

Stir full-matt Joker paint (that has been mixed with F487 Feather) well before use and thin with water, if necessary. Apply first coat with a paint roller or brush, and once dry, reapply a second coat if desired. Gently remove masking tape once happy with the final result.

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