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Pale green bedroom walls

Searching for the perfect colour palette for a bedroom makeover? A green colour palette is the perfect choice. Just the ticket if you're looking to create a relaxing ambience, restful green will help you unwind at the end of a long day. 

However, green paint hues are incredibly versatile. Use emerald green alongside gold and dark woods for a more sophisticated bedroom interior. If you prefer more muted hues, go for olive green and accent with earthy tones. 

Looking to fire up your interiors with a more vibrant green scheme? Use lime green for a zesty accent wall and coordinate with blush pink and light grey paint colours. Prefer a more neutral bedroom? Keep things simple with white walls with subtle green undertones and have fun experimenting with dark wood accents and abstract wall coverings. 

Whatever you've got planned, our green bedroom paint range is packed with premium shades for every decorating project. Explore the full collection today to find the perfect fit for your green bedroom. 

light greed bedroom

Use Muted Green Hues for Minimalist Bedrooms

If you prefer a more modern interior, light green paints with subtle undertones are the way to go. A muted green bedroom scheme is effective in spaces of any size. Use sage green in compact bedrooms to make full use of natural light. Alternatively, use pale green walls in more open spaces for a stripped-back, contemporary aesthetic. 

Unsure of where to start? Why not give our TVT F377 paint a try? This versatile paint is a good choice if you prefer crisp whites or walls with a touch of blue character. Use it on full walls and pick out a focal point in a dark grey or forest green colour. 

Thinking about experimenting with green and blue paints? Our TVT F384 is a good choice for any master suite or guest room. Use this paint to coat the whole room, before using different shades of green to add personality to your sleep space. 

Whether you're using green to paint a full wall or decorate alcoves and accents, this versatile palette is easy to coordinate with. When it comes to furniture, stick to white matt or high gloss furniture paint. Thinking about flooring? Light oak works well with paler green shades like olive and sage. 

Colours Mentioned:

Muse G385
Light Pastel Green
Cucumber Y383
A Barely-There Green
dark green paint colours

Sophisticated Green Bedroom Ideas

Decorating a bedroom with green is the way to go if you're looking to add luxury to your sleep space. Emerald and deep green colours are particularly effective for those looking to achieve a more elegant look. 

If you want to create drama, use a solid green on all four walls. Alternatively, strip things back with off-white shades and use a premium green to create an eye-catching feature wall. Once you've settled on a wall and ceiling colour scheme, you can start working in elegant touches to bring the whole space together. 

Our TVT K369 paint is an ideal choice for those looking to embrace luxury. A good choice for small and large bedrooms alike, this colour comes alive when paired with gold accents. Use an upholstered headboard and throw pillows to introduce different textures. If your budget will stretch, work an antique piece or two into the mix. 

Prefer dark walls? Use our TVT M370 paint to create an enchanting green space. You've plenty of scope when it comes to decorating with this dynamic colour. Use light grey and crisp white for coving and sideboards. To add a touch of luxury, incorporate dusky pink fabrics and make full use of metallic paints

Colours Mentioned:

Silk Road S440
Medium Green With Hints Of Blue
Fjord M442
Misty Green-Grey
Deep green bedroom wall

Use Deep Green to Make a Statement

Green is one of the most evocative colours around. What's more, it's a timeless colour pick that can be used in traditional spaces and contemporary interiors alike. Ready to decorate a bedroom with green shades? We've got plenty of options for you to consider. 

Our TVT N372 paint is perfect if you're after a gorgeous green wall paint. This vibrant shade works well with crisp white, but it can also be coordinated with tonal greens and blues. When it comes to furniture, keep things simple with monochrome picks. A black metal bed frame will work particularly well. However, you can also have fun with dark woods and upholstered pieces.

If you're after a more vibrant colour, our TVT L371 paint will deliver. This loaded sea green colour is easy on the eye and works well in any bedroom. Coordinate with classic white or subtle greys for a stunning bedroom design scheme that will stand the test of time. 

Colours Mentioned:

Tvt L384
Simple Leaf Green
Basilica M384
A Vivid Shade Of Earthy Green
Rustic green bedroom wall

Go Rustic with Earthy Green Shades

If you want to create a restful retreat to escape to at the end of a long day, green bedrooms are the way to go. The right shade of green can help you unwind, creating a true sleep sanctuary. With a few creative touches, a green colour theme can also help energise you at the start of the day. 

We stock a wide range of green paints that take inspiration from the natural world. Our TVT L377 is a strong choice for anyone looking to incorporate earthy hues and natural materials. Use this colour to coat every wall, then pick out room trims and accents with crisp white. Add rustic charm with a rattan bedside table and jute rugs. 

Need more inspiration? Our TVT L384 paint is a breath of fresh air. You can use this one for entire walls or put it work with feature walls and alcove backdrops. When it comes to finishing touches, stick to light woods and muted greys. The occasional touch of gold and copper will also work well with this fresh green.  

Colours Mentioned:

TVT L377
Simple Forest Green
TVT L384
Simple Leaf Green
neutral bedroom wall with flower

Keep Things Simple with a Neutral Palette

If you prefer using green as a room accent, you'll need the perfect complement for walls and ceilings. Plain white is often the go-to here, but it's by no means the only option available to you. 

When choosing a colour complement, think outside the box with off-white shades with blue and green undertones. These dynamic shades add instant warmth and will broaden your horizons when it comes to accessorising your space. 

Need some ideas? Our TVT H494 is an easy choice. Use this paint to coat walls, then work in muted blues and grey accents. Natural materials like slate and stone add a stunning contemporary touch. To inject a burst of green, play around with indoor plants and eye-catching wall hangings.

If you're looking for a more subtle shade, our TVT L503 is something to consider. This dazzling paint colour boasts gorgeous blue undertones that make it an easy backdrop to work with. When choosing furniture and room objects, think understated. White matt paint and stripped-back upholstered divans will work well here. 

Colours Mentioned:

TVT H494
Soft Green With Misty Grey Undertones
TVT L503
White With A Touch Of Blue

Green Colour Palettes for Bedrooms 

If you're thinking about decorating your bedroom, make green your go-to palette. We've got plenty of premium colours for you to choose from. Need some pointers? Our colour palette guide is packed with essential inspiration. 

Light Green Bedroom Shades

TVT H494
Soft Green With Misty Grey Undertones
TVT L503
White With A Touch Of Blue

If your main aim is to create a relaxing space, it's best to stick to muted colours that can be accented with green flourishes. A light green or blue shade can be very effective in bedrooms of any size, making them an effective choice for guest rooms and master suites alike. 

Our TVT H494 paint is perfect if you want to strip things back to basics. Use this one for every wall and coordinate with white trims and coving. For a low-key bedroom interior, stick to matt white furniture and rattan accessories. To introduce plenty of green, get creative with indoor plants, room fabrics and wall art. 

If you want a wall colour that's even lighter,  our TVT L503 paint is a solid option. Again, it's best to keep things simple when working in furniture. Matt white works particularly well, but you can also use light woods and filigree metal just as effectively. When introducing greenery, up your game by adding an enclosed terrarium or trailing plants. 

Bright Green Bedroom Shades

TVT V503
Off-White With The Lightest Touch Of Grey
TVT S376
Dark Forest Green With Sage Tones
TVT H483
A Pale Grey Brown

Prepared to be more creative with your bedroom makeover? It's time to embrace a brighter green colour palette. Thankfully, we have a huge pick of premium colours for you to consider. 

If you want to keep things fairly simple, an off-white shade like our TVT V503 paint will serve as a brilliant backdrop. This one has subtle lilac undertones that can be accented with a full range of greens, blues and greys. To inject much-needed green, use indoor plants that thrive in low-light conditions. 

Our TVT S376 is a bolder choice if you're looking to go green. This stylish teal works well in more contemporary bedrooms. Use it to paint an entire room or keep it for a dramatic feature wall. Dark woods like maple and teak work well with this teal, although you'll also find that white and grey pair just as well. 

Ready to think outside the box? Our TVT H483 paint is rich in mauve character. This versatile shade pairs perfectly with just about any chase of green. What's more, it's the perfect match for bold grey accents and darker woods. 

Vibrant Green Bedroom Shades

TVT K370
Strong Mid-Tone Teal
TVT S491
Dark Cadet Blue
TVT L503
White With A Touch Of Blue

A vibrant green colour scheme can breathe new life into any bedroom. It's the go-to choice if you need a room that will inspire and energise you in the morning. Need some design inspiration? Read on for our pick of premium green shades that will instantly transform any space.  

Our TVT K370 is a great choice if you're looking to make full use of blue and green in your bedroom. Use it as a wall colour in smaller spaces, or get creative with dramatic backdrops and feature walls. Use lime green for zesty colour pops or keep things simple with timeless white and grey. 
Need a blue that works well with green accents? Our TVT S491 is a standout of our collection. Use this one for more elegant interiors and coordinate with dark wood furniture, muted olives and natural materials. 

If you'd prefer to add green in the form of room accents, it's best to start with a wall colour like TVT L503 to get things started. Once you've painted your walls, add colour with monochromatic furniture or dark woods. Adding green to your bedroom design scheme is easy. Throws, scatter cushions and upholstered headboards in various shades of green can all be included. Finally, don't forget to bring the outdoors in with trailing plants and low-maintenance succulents.

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