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Whether you're planning a luxurious living room or makeover or want to transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary, pastel paint colours are the way to go. If you want to keep things stripped-back and subtle, pastel shades are the perfect alternative to off-white hues or lacklustre emulsion. 

With the right pastel colours at your disposal, you can turn any room into a stylish and sophisticated space. A soft pink colour is ideal for creating a dream bedroom. Meanwhile, yellow pastel colours can re-energise living spaces and kitchens. 

At Tikkurila, you'll find an unbeatable collection of pastel colours. Whatever painting project you've got lined up, our range is packed with inspiring pastel shades to help you on your way. 

Is this your first time decorating with pastel colours? Our guide is on hand to help you navigate the rewarding colour palette. We've also picked out some of our favourite pastel shades to make your life easier.

The Appeal of Pastel Paint Colours

If you're looking for a stylish departure from neutrals and off-white paint colours, pastels are the perfect compromise. The best pastels can be used in place of off-white while adding pigment and warmth to your space. 

Aside from bringing a gentle pop of colour to your interiors, pastel brings all the benefits of plainer shades. A brighter hue will bounce around light, making them an effective choice in rooms that are short on natural light. This makes them a go-to choice for bathrooms and rooms with small windows. 

As well as their reflective qualities, pastel shades are surprisingly versatile. Used sparingly, they can create a soothing and serene interior. However, you don't have to stick to muted shades when selecting complementary colours. 

If you're planning on using blue pastels to transform a living room, you can use everything from humble grey to sunny yellow to create contrast. If you're considering yellow pastels, think about using black and white to add some monochromatic flair to your interior. 

The most subtle pastel shades can be used liberally, working well on walls and ceilings alike. However, if you want to mix things up with classic design accents, reach for crisp white to pick out things like cornices, sideboards and other room trims. 

Our Top Pastel Paint Colours

Ready to put your design plans into practice? Below, we've picked out some of the very best pastel paint colours from our range. 

Yellow Pastel Colours

Straw H456
An Elegant Pastel Yellow
Sorbet F306
Light Pastel Yellow

Yellow pastels are perfect for brightening up dark and unloved spaces. They're particularly effective in kitchens and dining rooms, but you can use a yellow-infused pastel palette just about anywhere. 

Straw H456 is a real standout. This elegant pastel is unmistakably yellow, but there's a hint of pink in the mix too. Think about pairing this one with a lighter shade to create a terrific tonal effect. 

This pastel yellow works well with grey tones and earthy shades. Add waffle-knit throws and unfinished woods if you're planning on creating a stylish sleep sanctuary. If you want to embrace a more luxurious finish, think about bringing in some rich purples and chocolate-brown shades.

Thinking about something lighter? A pastel like Sorbet F306 is something to consider. Bright and airy, this shade will reflect light with ease, making it ideal if you are looking for bathroom paint

Orange Pastel Colours

Siesta J407
Pastel Orange
Riviera Y406
Light Pastel Orange

Orange pastels are a great choice if you're looking to add a warm character to your interiors. They're a good shout for bedrooms, but they can also be used to great effect in living and dining spaces. 

Siesta J407 is guaranteed to make a great first impression. This pastel orange is rich and luxurious, while grapefruit-pink undertones provide added depth. You can use this to paint an entire room or pair it with gentler hues in larger spaces. 

If you are on the lookout for a light orange, think about using something like Riviera YV06. Once again, pink undertones provide added depth, making it a superb shade for rooms lacking in warmth. 

Blue Pastel Colours

Forget Me Not H353
Perfect Pastel Blue
Tvt F355
Pastel Blue

Pastel blues are a timeless design choice. They can be used just about anywhere, creating a stylish and soothing interior. Whether you're looking to decorate a spare bedroom or bathroom, you can never go wrong with a pastel blue palette.

Forget Me Not H353 is one of our best pastel blue shades. Although subtle, it packs a real punch, with plenty of blue pigment. It can be used generously to paint an entire room, although it also works well when paired with more calming hues and classic white. 

If you're thinking about something lighter, consider a shade like Tvt F355. This ultra-light pastel blue will brighten up any room and boasts incredible reflective qualities. 

Green Pastel Colours

Muse G385
Light Pastel Green
Tvt G385
Light Pastel Green

Pastel greens make a fine choice for bedrooms and living spaces. They're subtle and sophisticated, helping you create a space you can relax in. Furthermore, they pair well with just about anything from the colour wheel, giving you endless scope for creating a space that's truly your own. 

Muse G385 is one of our finest pastel greens. It's fairly muted, so you might want to get creative with your lighting choices to add warmth to any room you're looking to use it in. To add depth to your space, think about using earlier tones or aloe-infused greens alongside it. 

Tvt G385 is another pastel green that's at the lighter end of the spectrum. Although subtle, it's a fine choice for anyone looking to create a more grown-up space. Use it liberally in smaller rooms, or coordinate with darker green paint colours in larger layouts. 

Pink Pastel Colours

Milkshake Y411
Delicate Bubblegum Pink
Tvt F331
Dusty Pastel Pink

Pink pastels are a daring design choice, but the right shades can instantly elevate any room. Pink-infused pastels will stimulate the senses, leaving you feeling energised and inspired. 

Milkshake Y411 makes a fabulous first impression. Although this is a bubblegum pink, it won't overwhelm the senses. Use it for bedrooms that are calling out for a pop of colour. 

Were you thinking about something more subtle? A dusty pastel like Tvt F331 might be a better choice. It's light and airy, but there's still plenty of pink character to enjoy here. 

Where do Pastel Paint Colours Work Best?

Found yourself in love with a few of the colours we have talked about in this article but unsure how or where to utilise them in your home? Don't worry we are on hand to help. Here are a few room and colour combinations which are sure to turn your home into a chic, stylish escape.

Pastel Green Bedroom Walls

Your bedroom is a perfect place to leverage a pastel green hue. Giving off a delicate, relaxing vibe, shades of green with a subdued pastel tint are ideal for ensuring you have no trouble drifting off to sleep at night.

There are several options available to choose from in our expansive colour directory. Muse G385 is one of our favourites though.

Pastel Pink Furniture

Feeling a little adventurous? You can also use pastel paint colours to give your furniture a new lease on life with our Helmi paint range. Take a look at our furniture paints collection to explore the options available.

In terms of pink paint colours that work best, you have a few options to choose from such as Tvt F326 or Tvt F331.

If these paint colours don't quite do it for you we do have a vast array of pink paint colours worth checking out. You will definitely find something that can fit your tastes.

Pastel Blue Living Room

We all escape to our living rooms to find ways to relax and unwind after a long day. And this is where a pastel blue can be used to great effect. Blue is already known as a colour which promotes calmness and relaxation, however, when you give this hue a pastel undertone it becomes a brilliant option to create a living room.

The only consideration that you will want to take before opting for this is the direction of your natural light. As blue is a cool colour it would only work in a south-facing living room.

If you are looking for shades to consider Forget Me Not H353 is a lovely go-to shade that will work beautifully in your living room.

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