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Light blue hallway

Planning a hallway makeover? A blue colour scheme is perfect for creating a relaxing and welcoming entryway to your home. Blue is a popular choice for just about any room, instantly promoting a feeling of calm and well-being.

If you're thinking about breathing new life into a hallway space, a blue palette is the way to go. Keep it simple with a pale neutral shade if you're dealing with a small space, or use darker tones to create a gorgeous backdrop for a gallery wall and ornate room accents.

Undecided on which colour to use? The blue colour family is incredibly versatile, so you're free to use more than one shade. Choosing wall paint in pale blue will reflect light, while just a touch of indigo will set things off beautifully.

Looking for blue hallway ideas any interior designer would be proud of? Read on for a roundup of seven of the finest blue hues from our expansive paint colour collection.

Why Use Blue Paint in Your Hallway?

The best hallway ideas start with a great colour palette. When it comes to decorating entryways, blue colour schemes will always deliver.

Light blues and neutral shades are perfect for narrow hallways with limited dimensions. A bright shade will maximise natural light, compensating for a lack of windows and sunshine exposure.

If you're in the mood for something more dramatic, richer hues are also worth considering. Walls painted in dark navy blue will work nicely alongside bright white skirting boards, bannisters and coving. Meanwhile, teal blue and indigo are stylish choices if you're planning a more luxurious makeover.

Light Blue Hallway Paint Colours

Looking to decorate a small hallway? Light blues are perfect for breathing new life into narrow spaces. Below are a handful of light blue shades that will leave you inspired.

Sky-blue shades are just the ticket for transforming unloved hallways into spaces to be proud of. What's more, they give the illusion of extra space, making them ideal for smaller spaces with poky proportions.

Looking for a winning sky blue paint for your hallway? How about Cumulus Y354? This premium shade was Tikkurila's Colour of the Year back in 2021.

This soothing blue quickly instils a feeling of calm, making a great choice if you're eager to create a welcoming first impression. What's more, it's incredibly versatile. You can add a deep shade of navy to skirting boards or room trims, or opt for a lighter complementary colour instead.

Searching for a softer shade to decorate with? Forget Me Not H353 won't disappoint. This muted blue is soft and crisp, evoking a feeling of freshness.

This paint colour will work well in any room of the home, but it's an effective option for hallway makeovers. Use it to paint every surface, or coordinate with darker shades for a tonal motif.

If you're looking to keep things simple, coordinate with white furniture and natural textures. Because this blue is on the lighter side, it'll bounce light around incredibly well. To really brighten things up, use cool white light bulbs for maximum impact.

The best hallway colour schemes will immediately evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity, helping you leave your worries at the door. Trade Wind H441 is a go-to choice if you're looking to freshen up your hallway interiors.

Although this is a lighter blue, there's a real depth of character to this paint colour. With undertones of green, you're not limited when it comes to introducing accent colours and room furnishings.

You can keep things simple with an all-blue scheme, or underscore your wall colour with an occasional splash of white or grey. Alternatively, take some inspiration from the muted green undertones and work in some aloe-infused accents.

This stylish blue is one of our most versatile shades. Dark wood furniture works particularly well alongside this paint colour, although lighter varieties like oak and beech will also shine.

Cotton blue makes a beautiful addition to any hallway. It's incredibly soothing, making it ideal if you're looking to create a serene vestibule. Soft and subtle, it works well with classic white paint colours but also pairs nicely with greys and darker blues.

Prince G540 is worth considering if you're thinking about introducing cotton blue to your hallway. It's light and airy enough that it will grant the illusion of additional space, but this paint colour isn't lacking in pigment.

You can use this blue freely in larger spaces. If your square footage is limited and you'd prefer to use a more muted shade as your signature colour, this blue can still be used to great effect.

Think about adding a splash of it to create a stunning feature wall. Alternatively, use it to accent hallway storage and shelving with one of our furniture paints.

Dark Blue Hallway Paint Colours

Not every hallway needs to be light and airy. In fact, the best hallway interiors are the ones that embrace darker tones. If you're planning on creating a Victorian-inspired interior or want to embrace Edwardian elegance, dark blues are the way to go.

If you can't introduce natural light into your hallway, why not embrace the dark? A twilight-inspired colour scheme will create a dramatic space that will enrich your home.

A blue like Nocturne N348 is a fine choice if you're looking to experiment with a darker palette. This eye-catching shade takes its inspiration from the night sky, with very subtle red undertones adding depth.

Use this shade to paint every wall, then create contrast with off-white ceilings and crisp white trims. When it comes to furnishing your hallway, lean into the luxurious. Think baroque frames, ornate light fixtures and parquet flooring styles.

Some of the best dark blues are the ones infused with a hint of grey. Indigo L429 will help you transform your hallway into a refined and relaxing space.

Although this is a darker blue, the grey undertones make it easy to introduce lighter accents. Keep it simple with crisp white finishes, or layer in some tonal greys to add depth and character.

If your tastes are traditional, pair this versatile blue with dark wood furniture and ornate light fixtures. If it's cool and contemporary you're after, reach for monochrome artwork and light woods.

A light blue palette is often the preferred choice for creating relaxing interiors, but darker blues can prove just as effective. Atlantis L433 is a great option if you're looking for something a richer shade, but still want to promote a feeling of calm as you walk through the door.

This gorgeous paint colour is inspired by the ocean and falls somewhere in the middle of the blue spectrum. You can use the same colour to paint walls and furniture alike. Alternatively, this dark shade works well with black accents and dark woods.

If you want to lighten things up a little, stick to more muted colour accents. Light greys and neutrals will work better than crisp whites here.

If you're thinking about using dark blue in your hallway, it's a good idea to go with something with plenty of depth. Denim N429 more than delivers on this front, with stunning grey undertones making it a standout of our collection.

This dark blue will work well in hallways rich in period features. However, it's also a fine choice for more contemporary interiors. For best results, incorporate muted grey accent colours or brilliant white trims to create contrast.

If your hallway is lacking natural light, use warm white bulbs to create a welcoming ambience. Feel free to get creative with your lighting choices. Ornate sconces or a gallery well with picture lights are an effective way of creating drama in a dark blue hallway.

Best Contrasting Colours for Blue Hallways

Blue hallways work best with a hint of contrast. Have you already decided on which blue shade is right for your space? Now it's time to pick a contrasting colour to bring your space to your life.

If you're looking for a cool blue to use alongside a darker shade, go with Winter V503. This icy hue is an elegant choice, with undertones of grey making it an easy choice of accent colour. Incredibly versatile, this timeless shade works equally well with light blues and darker hues alike.

Lotus F448 works particularly well with blues. This off-white shade has subtle green undertones, which will work beautifully with just any shade from the blue colour family. Use it alongside paler blues to create two-tone walls, or use it sparingly as a room trim when painting with indigo or dark navy.

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