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Red hallway Paint Colours

If you're thinking about giving your hallway a much-needed makeover, red is a bold colour choice. This stunning colour family is typically reserved for dining rooms and living areas, but it can be just as effective for transforming the first space visitors to your house see. 

Provided you're working with the right shades, a red hallway will make a dramatic style statement. A rich red paint can turn an unloved vestibule into a warm and inviting sanctuary, while more muted shades can turn a small space into an elegant entryway. 

Thinking about red hallway ideas? At Tikkurila, we stock an unbeatable range of red paint colours, with shades to suit every taste and budget. With so many choices at your disposal, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect colour to create a hallway to be proud of. 

Looking to find inspiration so you can get started? We've put together some invaluable tips to help you take the next steps. What's more, we've picked out some of our favourite red shades we know you'll love.

Why Choose Red Paint for Your Hallway?

Some people are wary of using bold colours when decorating their hallways, but a daring red palette can create impact and drama. You can go all out with a solid red scheme, or mix things up with muted pastels and neutrals to create a subtle contrast. 

Red is traditionally associated with passion, but it's the perfect choice for a hallway if you're looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It can prove a little overwhelming in narrow hallways with limited natural light, but a few creative touches can make even the richest of reds a suitable selection for smaller spaces. 

Worried your hallway can't handle an all-red scheme? You can still make a statement with this striking colour family. Think about incorporating a red gallery wall to create visual interest or use red sparingly to draw the eye to ornate features.

Our Favourite Red Hallway Paint Colours

Ready to realise your dreams of a red hallway? We've brought together some of our favourite red shades to leave you feeling inspired. Whether you're in the market for muted pastels or more arresting shades, you're bound to find a colour that ticks all the right boxes. 

The best red hallways don't shy away from the more playful side of this colour family. If you're looking to achieve a dynamic hallway makeover, don't be afraid of exploring more vibrant hues.

Tomato M316 is the perfect choice for any hallway. This beautiful blood orange will make a fine fit in any entryway. Use it in smaller spaces to create a warm and cocooning effect, or mix things up with tonal reds and complementary colours for a more eclectic interior. 

If you're looking to make quick work of your hallway renovation, use this gorgeous red shade to coat your walls, then pick out details like dado rails and skirting boards in crisp white paint. Is your space looking a little lacklustre? This stunning red will serve as a brilliant backdrop to lush plant life and greenery. 

Sometimes, a more sophisticated interior is called for. A colour like Kestrel L478 is perfect if you're searching for a more mature take on classic red. 

Technically, this paint colour is a deep brown, although there are some cool red undertones at work here. When designing your space, stick to muted complementary colours like off-whites and creams. 

Alternatively, explore more elegant design trends. This breathtaking red works beautifully alongside parquet floors, while metallics and luxurious fabrics will also pair well with this premium paint colour. 

If you're decorating a smaller space, you'll want to use a colour like this sparingly. Think about reserving it for a feature wall or combining it with a softer shade for a terrific two-tone wall effect. 

Earthy shades work incredibly well if you're aiming to create a warm and inviting hallway. Madras N411 is an ideal choice if you're looking to create a more muted, mature interior. 

Thanks to its earthy pigment, this paint colour works well with everything from beige and cream to royal purples and muddy browns. If you're decorating a small hallway, think about offsetting things with pure white trims. Alternatively, get creative with all manner of tonal accents. 

If your hallway doesn't receive sufficient sunlight, you'll want to ensure your space is kitted out with plenty of artificial lighting. Wall sconces will provide you with essential secondary lighting while bringing out the innate beauty of this remarkable red.

Not afraid of more dramatic reds? Marmalade M326 may prove the perfect paint colour for your hallway makeover. 

Packing plenty of warmth and a rich red pigment, this paint colour is underscored by a hint of purple. You can lighten things up with grey and white accents, or lean into the purple undertones and introduce shades of lavender and plum into the mix. 

If you're short on space, try not to overload your floor plan with bulky furniture. Instead, keep things simple with stripped-back white furniture. Light oak and beech will also work well with this luxurious red hue.

If you're out to make a real design statement, stick with darker reds with hints of purple. Rooibos M476 will go down well with anyone who prefers a more refined colour palette. It's a fairly deep colour, but the burnt red pigment makes it one of our most versatile shades. 

As this paint colour veers close to the darker side of the spectrum, you'll need to think creatively when decorating your hallway. Compensate for a lack of natural light with lighter complementary colours like beige and muted grey. Alternatively, make sure your hallway is kitted out with plenty of artificial light sources. 

To create an elegant entryway that will impress visitors, take inspiration from the rich character of this paint colour and incorporate velvet fabrics, metallic accents and ornate furniture. Dark woods will work well alongside this wall colour, while light-coloured rugs and fabrics can help open things up if your square footage is limited. 

Best Colours to Pair with Red Hallway Paint

Painting exclusively in red can be a design challenge, but there are many complementary colours you can bring into the mix. As red is a primary colour, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting suitable accents. 

A timeless companion to red walls is classic white. You can use pure white to pick out skirting boards, stair risers and bannisters to create clean lines throughout your hallway. Alternatively, offset overwhelming walls with light-coloured wood flooring or off-white tiles. 

Monochromes also work well with red. If you're incorporating a hint of white into your design, don't be afraid to add hints of black and dark grey. 

Thinking about a more tomato red for your hallway? A more vibrant red calls out for zesty complementary colours. Leafy greens will work particularly well here, but cyan blues can also prove an effective addition to your interiors. 

If you're choosing a red with more than a hint of purple, you'll need to think carefully when incorporating secondary colours. A more refined red requires a delicate balance of earthy shades and muted neutrals. Consider sandy shades and beiges, tonal greys and burnt oranges. 

To make life easier, consult the colour wheel for guidance. A strong red will work nicely alongside teal or emerald green if you're keen to embrace contrast. If you're seeking a more sympathetic design, consider adding peach and pink to your design. 

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