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green home office

When it comes to home office decor, few colour palettes work as well as green. Green walls can help relieve stress and help you maintain focus for longer. In short, green home office ideas are the way to if you're looking to boost productivity. 

There are also countless colour choices if you're planning to create an all-green home workspace. Pastels and botanical hues are perfect if you're thinking about a more traditional home office. If you're considering a more contemporary home office, don't be afraid to experiment with more vibrant pops of colour as you play around with biophilic design. 

At Tikkurila, you'll find an unbeatable range of green paint colours to transform an unused room into a home office you can be proud of. From muted hues inspired by the natural world to more dramatic shades for industrial-style office spaces, you're bound to find something that fits the bill. 

Why Choose Green Paint for a Home Office?

Green is a favourite colour choice for bedrooms and living spaces. The right shade of green can be soothing and help you relax. The same psychological effects apply to home offices, creating a tranquil interior that will help you focus on the task at hand. 

A green colour palette will also boost your mood, freshening up uninspired interiors with the beauty of the outdoors. If you live in an urban environment or your home office is lacking a view, a green colour scheme is a perfect compromise. 

Greens are also very versatile. You can keep things simple with a single colour or mix things up with an assortment of tonal shades. They also work well with natural materials, making them the obvious choice if you've recently invested in a  hardwood desk or floating shelves. 

You can be as sparing or as liberal as you like with green paint. If you're stripping things back with off-white shades and muted pastels, add some further vibrancy with potted plants and creative use of artwork. With green, a little goes a long way. 

Light Green Home Office

If you want to keep things fairly simple, it's best to stick with light green paints when decorating your home office. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of a neutral or all-white space.

Searching for some colour suggestions? Below are a handful of our favourite light green paint colours for you to consider.

Pastels are a brilliant choice for any home office makeover. They provide the ideal blank canvas if you've yet to decide on the finer details of your decor scheme, while also allowing you plenty of flexibility for repurposing your room in the future. 

A paint colour like Muse G385 is a fine choice if you want something with flexibility. This light pastel green has hints of grey and beige, making it an easy shade to decorate with. 

This subtle pastel works well alongside crisp white, but it also shines when paired with dark woods and natural materials. If you need to incorporate more greenery into your office environment, get creative with indoor plants or a stylish succulent wall.

One of the main benefits of green paint is that it's incredibly soothing. When decorating a dedicated room for home working, you'll want something that induces a feeling of calm so you'll have no trouble focusing on a growing to-do list. 

A colour like Aloe X381 is a stylish choice for any home office. It's light and fresh, but still packs plenty of green pigment. 

This delicate green works well alongside pastel colours, but it will also make a great companion to classic whites and light grey shades. If you're after the perfect colour pairing, consider playing around with two-tone wall motifs with a secondary beige hue. 

Do you only plan on using that spare room as a home office for a short period? If so, you'll want a colour that will allow you to reconfigure your space in the future. A neutral green like Taffeta F383 is therefore the perfect pick for any decorating project.

This pale green is a gorgeous alternative to off-white or tepid neutral paint colours. It'll provide your home office walls with depth, without overwhelming the senses. Nonetheless, there's an undercurrent of green pigment here that can be accentuated with potted plants and other botanical elements.

If you do find yourself craving a more dramatic note of green, consider choosing a more vibrant shade to create a striking feature wall. Alternatively, think about using a darker green paint to refinish office shelves and other furniture.

Green and blue work particularly well together, with both colour families inducing similar psychological effects. Trade Wind H441 has elements of both, combining pale teal with minty undertones.

Use this one if you're looking to create a fresh and inviting office space that will leave you feeling focused and ready for the working day. It'll work well with crisp white accents, as well as dark woods and industrial-style office furniture.

Although a fairly light shade, this teal paint colour isn't lacking in vibrancy. Think about using it alongside more dynamic shades to create decorative decals.

Dark Green Home Office

Dark greens can be just as effective as lighter shades at creating a serene home office environment that will energise and enhance productivity. What's more, darker hues can provide you with more scope for creating a stylish space that reflects your personal tastes. Below are some of our favourite dark green paint colours you can put to work in any home office

If you have a larger spare room to work with, it's time to consider a more daring green shade like Fjord M442. This misty green has elements of grey, making it a good shout for anyone who prefers a more contemporary colour palette. 

If you're using this one, make sure you have sufficient natural light to work with. Alternatively, incorporate plenty of task lighting into your space. If it proves too overwhelming for a small space, introduce off-white accent colours or offset things with a more neutral green or grey to balance things out. 

When it comes to furnishing your home office, think about embracing an industrial style. A rich colour like this works particularly well with reclaimed wood, exposed brickwork and powder-coated metal. 

If a large chunk of your day is spent working from your home office, why not put a little more thought into how your space is decorated? Luxurious colour palettes may seem like overkill, but they can help create a stimulating space that will constantly keep you focused on your work. 

A paint colour like Peacock M366 is guaranteed to have you firing on all cylinders. This rich teal will stimulate the senses when you need a little helping hand, but will also keep you calm and grounded as the work starts piling up. 

If you're using this one to paint every wall of your office, think about using white or grey furniture to create contrast. Alternatively, opt for a more elegant decor scheme. This deep teal will work beautifully alongside mid-century desks and vintage furniture, as well as brass light fixtures and more ornate details.

Green Home Office Colour Schemes

Green and White Home Office

Silk Road S440
Medium Green With Hints Of Blue
Arctic Fox S503
A Pure White With A Soft Touch Of Yellow

Green and white have always been a natural colour combination and are easy to bring together. Of course, some shades work better together than others and this is why we love bringing together Arctic Fox S503 which is a delicately warm-toned white, and Silk Road S440 which has a soft, muted appeal that gives any space a modern, lavish appeal.

Green and Grey Home Office

Kaolin H497
Milky Cream With Yellow And Green Hues
Nephrite N494
Dark Sage Green

Another tasteful combination to consider for your green home office is Kaolin H497 and Nephrite N494. Kaolin is a soft, milky hue with a delicate vibe that you'll find hard to rival. The gentle grey tones this shade offers will give your workspace a calming and relaxing edge. Nephrite is another subdued tone with a slightly muted and earthy appeal that brings a soothing edge that will help you get through your workday.

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