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Green living room colour schemes

A green living room scheme can transform your space into a relaxing retreat. However, a green palette can also reinvigorate your living space, transforming it into a room to be proud of.

In a small living room, a green accent wall can create visual interest. In larger spaces, deep green can be coordinated with bright colours for an eclectic interior. Green living rooms are a must if you're a fan of natural materials, with olive and sage hues working particularly well alongside wood accents and indoor plants. 

Thinking about using green as a starting palette for your living room colour scheme? We've got plenty of paint colour options for you to choose from, ranging from pale green for understated interiors to vibrant shades for a more colourful living room. 

Need some colour inspiration to help you on your way? Read on for our pick of the best colour combinations for green living rooms.

Muted green wall

Keep Things Fresh with Blue-Infused Colours

If you're wary of using too much green in the living room, start with a different colour instead. Muted blues are a good shout for any living room wall, while they also work well alongside pale green paint shades

Light blue and pastel-infused shades are just the ticket for smaller spaces. They'll welcome natural light,  leaving your space feeling bright and airy. What's more, they pair well with a dusky palette, giving you plenty of options when it comes to selecting furniture and soft furnishings. 

If your living room is too small for a deep green paint colour, use a shade like Spa X442 instead. This pale blue paint is fresh and airy, making it a fine fit for living spaces that are on the smaller side. 

Secret X438 is another great choice if you're looking for something versatile. This pale blue paint works well alongside neutrals like white and grey. However, it will also team nicely with sage green.

For those looking for a blue paint infused with green, there's Wave H440. This seagrass shade makes an instant impression. It's perfect for accent walls, but can also be used in smaller spaces that are crying out for a kick of colour.

Colours Mentioned:

Secret X438
Grey With Blue And Green Hues
Wave H440
Seafoam Green
Spa X442
Light Mint
Vibrant green living room

Vibrant Green Colour Scheme Living Room Ideas

If you're not afraid of experimenting with colour, it's time to explore more daring shades. Cool green hues will pair beautifully with bright blues. Use them to create dramatic contrasts, or keep things simple and use one for a stylish feature wall. 

To offset an all-green room, use a vibrant blue paint like Crystal G371. Although this shade makes an instant statement, it's airy enough that it will maximise natural light. What's more, it looks right at home alongside bright pastels and textured accents. 

If you're searching for a more muted complementary colour, go with  Trade Wind H441. This pared-back blue works well alongside anything from the green family. It also coordinates well with everything earthier shades, so reach for tan leather and natural oak when furnishing your room.

Colours Mentioned:

Crystal G371
A Fresh And Cooling Green
Trade Wind H441
Pale Teal With Mint Hues
green living room

Natural Green Living Room Ideas

Green is an obvious choice if you're looking to bring the spirit of nature indoors. Forest green or olive green walls will create a soothing ambiance that can be accentuated with indoor plants and botanical prints. 

For accent walls, use a more dynamic shade like Basilica M384. This khaki paint colour is on the darker side, but it works incredibly well alongside neutrals and light green hues. 

When it comes to picking a neutral paint colour, consider something like Damask F485. There are some subtle mauve undertones at work here, which will add a hint of warmth to your interiors. What's more, it provides you with more options when it comes to selecting accessories and artwork for your living room. 

There's always room for a hint of blue in a green living room. A medium teal-like Silk Road S440 makes a fine addition to a nature-inspired living space. To freshen things up, use a splash of bright white for skirting boards and room trims using our full gloss finish paints.

Colours Mentioned:

Basilica M384
A Vivid Shade Of Earthy Green
Damask F485
A Classic And Tranquil Off-White
Silk Road S440
Medium Green With Hints Of Blue

How to Use Green in a Modern Living Room 

If you prefer more contemporary living room colour schemes, don't be afraid of using bold colour contrasts and two-tone designs. Combining green with an off-white hue or muted blue paint colour is an easy way to transform a tired living room into a space worthy of any interior design magazine. 

Not sure where to start? It's always best to begin with neutrals like Paper F497. This off-white paint colour has blue and grey undertones, which will pair beautifully with just about any green. 

To make a modern statement, reach for a vibrant shade like Peacock M366. With unmistakable blue and green accents, this luxurious paint colour will instantly overhaul any living room. 

For added impact, think about using a colour like Emerald L373. This vibrant green can be used on its own or alongside other greens and neutrals. It's one of our more eye-catching shades and works well with everything from crisp white to glistening gold.

Colours Mentioned:

Pure White
Deep Teal
An Energetic, Playful Green
modern green bathroom

Make a Statement with Dark Green Shades

Green can also be used to design more sophisticated living spaces. Darker greens are perfect for creating a cocooning effect and look stunning alongside dark leather sofas and natural oak. 

To give your living room a more mature makeover, use a wall colour like Fjord M442. This dark emerald is stunning in its own right, but pairs beautifully with everything from off-white colours to solid black. Stay on the darker end of the spectrum with muted greys and chocolate browns or introduce some vibrancy with peacock blue fabrics and crisp white throws. 

To offset a darker wall colour, use a subtle neutral like Winter V503. With its light blue and pale grey accents, this versatile paint colour will contrast with the deeper hues of your primary colour. Perfect if you're planning on redecorating a smaller living space lacking in natural light. 

Colours Mentioned:

Fjord M442
Misty Green-Grey
Winter V503
Off-White With The Lightest Touch Of Grey
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