Paneeli-Ässä Hirsisuoja - Log Protection

Water-based, acrylic agent used for protection of interior log surfaces, panel walls and ceilings.
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Product Description

Water-based acrylate protective agent for interior use on untreated wood, panels and log surfaces.

Also suitable for concrete and brick. The product forms a dirt and water-repellent film and contains anti-mould agent that protects the treated surface.

More Information

More Information
For Interior or Exterior UseInterior
SurfaceWalls & Ceilings, Wood
Product CategoryOther
Product EcolabelsM1
VOC LevelsLow (50-149 g/l)
Application MethodSpray, Brush
Waterbased or SolventbasedWater
Minimum contentMinimum contents are the can size less 10%
Single Pack or 2 packSingle Pack
Product SegmentDecorative

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Frequently asked questions

How Do I Paint Laminated Logs?

Engineered Logs are timbers that are glued with non-toxic and environmentally friendly waterproof adhesive and pressed together under a regulated pressure rating until they bond as one solid piece of wood, i.e. a laminated log.

This multi-layered log is stronger and more durable than a traditional solid log. A laminated log home will be less subject to the wear and tear of time and the elements. This added value will keep maintenance costs to a minimum, and consequently save you money.


Painting log surfaces causes headaches for many log home builders. The whole idea of a log house is ruined if you choose the wrong, non-breathable paint for the surface. For this reason, translucent treatment agents – oils, waxes and various pigmented protections – are common on the inside surfaces of log houses. Tikkurila recommend Paneeli-Ässä Log Protection. For a more opaque finish, apply several layers of the translucent shade over the log surface. In translucent shades, the final colour is always influenced by the colour and porosity of the wood and the number of times it is applied. So it is worth doing a test patch!



Putting paint on the exterior of your log cabin is not recommended. Your wooden house has to breathe and you cannot let moisture get trapped within your wood. So we always recommend using a high-quality wood stain, like Valtti Plus Kesto. When it comes to painting/staining the exterior of log cabins, we always recommend getting in touch with our technical team for further advice.

Give our technical team a call on 0131 334 4999 or send a message to them here.

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