Temabond ST200

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Two pack high solids maintenance paint for demanding surfaces
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Temabond ST200 is a two component high-solids, aluminium pigmented modified epoxy maintenance paint for demanding surfaces.

Surface-tolerant High-solids Epoxy Paint
Temabond ST 200 is an ideal solution for maintenance painting due to its very good adhesion even to hand-prepared steel. As a high-solids product, the paint has lower VOC emissions than conventional epoxy paints.

Suitable for Immersion
Temabond ST 200 withstands immersion in water and can therefore be used e.g. on steel structures immersed in water or buried in soil.

Good Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
Due to its aluminium pigmentation, Temabond ST 200 forms a very tight film with good chemical and abrasion resistance. The paint is used in systems for repainting and touch-up painting steel surfaces that are difficult to clean, such as bridges, cisterns and different types of steelwork and equipment in the wood-processing and chemical industries.

Functional Mechanism of Temabond ST 200
Temabond ST 200 mastic paint has the ability to penetrate rust and adhere to the underlying steel surface, effectively preventing further corrosion.
A barrier pigmented Temabond epoxy paint protects against moisture and oxygen, preventing their corrosive effect on steel.
Furthermore, a layer of interlaced flakes of e.g. micaceous iron oxide or aluminium multiplies the distance across which corrosive molecules must migrate in order to reach the steel surface.

Please Note
Quantity in '5 LTR' unit is 4.5 litres when mixed.

More Information
For Interior or Exterior Use Interior, Exterior
Surface Metal
Product Category Primer/Priming, Other
Sheen Level Semi Gloss (36-60%)
Application Method Airless, Brush
Brand Tikkurila
Standard Colour Aluminium
Theoretical Cover Rate Theoretical coverage 8m/litre @ 100um
Hardener 1 008 7501
Thinner 1031
Touch Dry 3 hours @ 23 °C
Recoat Time 6 hours @ 23 °C
Waterbased or Solventbased Solvent
Single Pack or 2 pack 2 Pack
Product Solutions Energy & Telecommunication infrastructure, Harbour Infrastructure, Repair and Maintenance
Product Segment Industrial

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