TriTech T93R Ultra Fine Low Pressure Pro Tip

T93R Ultra Finish Low Pressure Series
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Product Description

T93R Ultra Finish Low Pressure Series
Unique double-orifice atomizes the coating twice - each time finer than the first to achieve an ultra fine finish at very low pressure levels.

The only Ultra Fine finish tip on the market, gives a superier finer finish than any other on the market at lower pressure
- Sprays at up to 50% lower pressure with dramitcally reduced overspray - Soft spray fan pattern gives a blended ultra finish on any surface
- Lower pressure reduces wear on tip
- Reduced overspray reduces preparation and clean up time
- Works with any airless sprayer
MWP 5000 PSI (345 BAR)

T93R Reversible Airless Tip System
The T93R Airless Tip System from TriTech Industries is the longest lasting, highest-quality tip and guard available to today's professional painter.
It's loaded with patented and exclusive features that give you consistent, dependable performance day-in and day-out in the most demanding work environments.
Features include:
- Patented seal alignment system for quick and accurate installation
- Mega-hard tungsten carbide for long duty life
- Hand-tight guard with large knurls for a sure grip
- Tip size tag for quick and accurate size identification
- Tip ring feature allows you to store tips on a belt clip or a hook

How to Read Sizes
Airless tips are sized using a 3 digit number such as 515. The first number is half the width of the spraying fan and the last 2 digits refer to the size of the hole or orifice the paint sprays through. For instance a 508 and a 515 both have the same fan width (approx. 10") but a different size hole. The 508 has a .008" hole and the 515 has a .015" hole. Here are some examples:

Tip Number         Fan Width         Orifice Size
211                      4 inches             .011 inches
417                      8 inches             .017 inches
527                      10 inches             .027 inches
Given a constant width (fan), the larger the orifice, the more material the sprayer will apply. (A larger orifice means greater paint flow).

Given a constant orifice size, an increasing fan width will apply a thinner coating of material to the surface because a given amount of material is distributed over a larger area.

Which Tip Size to Buy?
This will depend on:

A: Area you are spraying.
Example: If you were spraying a 4 inch baseboard in a new house, you would not pick out a 517 (10 inch fan) to spray it with.

B: What size sprayer you have
Your sprayer will have a max tip size, for example a .017 inch Max. This means you can use any tip that ends in 17 or lower.

C: Kind of material you are spraying ( Example latex primer, or oil base stain. )
Thinner materials like oil based stains don't need a large orifice to spray, while thicker material like latex ceiling paint will clog a smaller orifice. A 415 would spray either of the above mentioned materials, but both the type and quality of the spray material will make a difference.

Popular Sizes and Uses

415     Would be the most popular size for spraying just about anything. Walls, doors, ceilings, decks, exterior walls, exterior siding a good all around tip.
517     Very popular for spraying int. walls, and int. ceilings.
413     This is good size for doors, and ext. overhang and ext. siding. Gives you a little more control vs a 415 for ext. spraying. Also sometimes used for spraying Cabinets.
313     Same areas as 413, but just for narrower areas.
515     About the same areas as a 415, just a bit wider fan width.
211     This is a very small tip, we sell it more for new construction for spraying baseboard installed up on the wall. And for exterior facial board. Note you will need a extra fine red gun filter for spraying with this small of a tip. Also you will have to watch that red filter when spraying latex with this small tip setup, it will tend to clog faster than normal.
619     First make sure your pump will maintain a .019, main use is for New construction were over spray is of no concern, and high output is needed. If you are not familiar with spraying you will need to watch for runs with this tip size.

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