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When it comes to the interior design for our homes, we want our choices to create a comforting environment and to reflect the personalities of those who use it every day. Whether the space in your home serves as a place to rest, an area for spending time with family, or to entertain guests – those design decisions are crucial. Do you want your space to feel relaxed and calm, warm and homely, energetic, charming, or spacious? Knowing the answers to these question will help inform the colour decisions, as only certain shades will help enhance a room’s atmosphere you intend to create. Understanding the colours’ connotations is a crucial step to choosing your paint palette.  


Tikkurila’s Feel the Colour range is more than just a collection of 216 carefully curated colours; it gives the tools and inspiration to give your home the right atmosphere, whatever you style. You can easily find classic shades that will stand the test of time for large interior projects or refreshing accent colours and bold hues for décor colour-pops. While choosing paint colours for the surrounding walls can propose a dilemma, our in-house team of colourists have expertly curated six pre-made paint palettes that can create a range of environments for any space. Whether your style reflects the style characteristics of Classic, Modern, Bohemian, Luxurious, Nostalgic or Eclectic, you’ll find a set of easy-to-use neutrals and accent key colours to effortlessly create the interior of your dreams. 

For inspiration and interior design tips, discover our Feel the Colour style guides below...

Feel the Colour Collection | Bohemian Palette Image | Tikkurila

Warm, organic and curated with love, the bohemian style is as relaxing as it is invigorating, with back-to-nature materials and spicy tones, carefully chosen and collected over time. Incorporating these contemporary hues can refresh any interior, creating a timeless yet inviting, nest-like atmosphere.

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Feel the Colour Collection | Luxurious Palette Image | Tikkurila

In love with the charisma of a lavish interior? This simple yet effective colour palette has the power to transform the styling of any room in your home. Opulent touches of velvet, smooth hardwood, flashes of cold metal, and exquisite glass mirror surfaces; luxurious interiors never fail to exude elegance and glamour.

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Feel the Colour Collection | Nostalgic Palette Image | Tikkurila

Nostalgia, that sentimental longing for the happiness of a former time or place, can serve as a contemporary source of inspiration when it comes to transforming our homes. When it comes to bringing the spirit of this unique style into your home, it’s all in the colour palette. Soothing, subdued hues that tend to be quite versatile include chocolate browns, moss greens, taupes, and murky mustards.

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Feel the Colour Collection | Modern Palette Image | Tikkurila

Simple and carefully considered, modern interiors may seem minimal, but they are far from boring. This contemporary style calls for a discerning interior design eye and quiet confidence. Don't be afraid to introduce patterns or create strong lines using your colour choices, and make sure your decor and colours complement each other for a harmonious overall look.

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Feel the Colour Collection | Classic Palette Image | Tikkurila

A well designed yet classic style for a contemporary home is achieved through curating a colour palette of warm, neutral shades and elegant accents. This soothing palette can help keep stress levels at bay, contributing to a serene atmosphere that invites homeowners to relax and wind down.

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Feel the Colour Collection | Eclectic Palette Image | Tikkurila

Feeling adventurous? Eclectic interior styling is trending more than ever, bringing together surprising and vibrant palette combinations for those who want to live in colour. For the eclectic decorator, the home is a playground for forward-thinking décor. Eclectic style is all about inserting self-expression and joy into your interior spaces with striking colour choices and eccentric styling – it’s a style not for the faint-hearted.

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