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Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas 

Blue kitchen cabinets make an instant impression. In contemporary kitchens, blue cabinets decked out in dark denim or a rich navy are a stylish option. In a more traditional cooking space, cornflower blue units are a sophisticated alternative to classic white or creamy neutrals. 

When it comes to kitchen decor, many of us reach for earthy tones to add warmth to our interiors. However, blue cabinetry doesn't need to leave your space feeling cool and sterile. In fact, by playing around with pendant lights, natural accents and open shelving, you can make a space feel light and lived in. 

Deep blue cabinets are a go-to for fans of contemporary design. Darker shades such as dark blue or even black paint colours work well with stainless steel appliances and crisp white fixtures and fittings. You can also use blue to break up the monotony of an all-white interior, transforming a breakfast bar or kitchen island into a striking focal point. 

Ready to embrace an all-blue kitchen? Perhaps you're looking for more subtle blue kitchen ideas to play around with. Whatever you've got planned, our guide lays out all the details you need to know about working with this electric colour palette. 

Dark blue kitchen cabinets with a white worktop

Go Bold with Blue Cabinetry 

You don't have to go all out with blue walls and cabinets when redesigning a kitchen. In fact, a more restrained application of blue paint can be just as rewarding. 

If you're starting with a more contemporary style, limit your use of blue to lower cabinets. Pick a shade inspired by colours found elsewhere in your kitchen, such as a cool blue backsplash. 

By keeping things understated, you leave yourself plenty of flexibility when it comes to adding other elements to your kitchen. Dark blue kitchen cabinets make a fine partner to a white butcher block countertop wooden open shelving. 

Looking to start small when introducing blue to your kitchen interior? We've got several shades that are perfect for more low-key transformations. 

Denim N429 is one of our darker shades, a lovely denim paint colour. Just the thing if you're looking to give your kitchen units an image overhaul, this paint colour will turn unloved lower cabinets into something truly special. 

Need a lighter colour to balance out those imposing lower units? Snowdrift L503 is your go-to option for adding a pop of colour to kitchen walls, alcoves and shelving backdrops. And if you do not currently have blue cabinets you always give your cabinetry new look with one of our furniture paints.

Colours Mentioned:

Snowdrift L503
White With A Touch Of Blue
Denim N429
A Deep, Bold Shade Of Blue
Blue kitchen cabinets and marble island

Make a Statement with Blue Cabinets

Looking for experimental blue kitchen cabinets ideas? Sometimes, it's not a great idea to embrace an all-blue scheme. 

Perhaps you're not ready to repaint all of your kitchen cabinetry. Maybe you like the aesthetic of crisp white cupboards and drawer fronts. None of this means you can't play around with a blue colour palette, however. 

In a larger kitchen, you can use an electric shade of blue to create a dramatic focal point. Is your floor plan dominated by a kitchen island? Why not give this key kitchen element a dynamic makeover with a coat of blue paint? 

This design approach not only adds contrast and creates a stunning focal point, but it can also help you better utilise your space. If you're lacking a dedicated dining area, bringing blue into the mix can help you create designated zones in an open-plan kitchen. 

To maximise the effect, it's a good idea to invest in a new surface for your island. Marble countertops work particularly well with dark blues, although solid oak and granite worktops are an affordable alternative if you're on a budget. 

In need of some colour inspiration? Royal M436 is a superb choice for kitchen islands and focal points. It's a darker choice, but it's incredibly versatile and works well with whites and neutrals. 

To balance things out, think about using our Angelica F452 paint colour. This cool hue is perfect for adding a splash of colour behind open shelves. What's more, it's perfect for helping keep a space light. 

Colours Mentioned:

Angelica F452
A Fresh And Delicate Apple Green
Royal M436
Deep Blue With A Hint Of Green
Bright open kitchen with a blue island

Blue Colours for an Eclectic Cooking Space

Today, many of us are limited when it comes to living space. In many homes, there's no such thing as a conventional kitchen. If your cooking space also needs to be used as a dining room and living area, you'll need to be more experimental when choosing colours. 

The good news is that blue is a fine colour choice for multifunctional rooms. It's cool and contemporary, providing you with plenty of scope when it comes to adding accessories and decorative pieces. 

Using blue for your kitchen cabinets in an open-plan arrangement helps separate your cooking space from the rest of your interior. It can also be coordinated with countless colours and materials. 

Dark blue kitchen units look stunning when coordinated with parquet flooring. What's more, a richer blue palette is beautifully accented with copper and metallic accents. 

Ink M350 is a stunning choice for anyone looking to create drama in their home. This deep blue shade adds depth and, despite being a darker colour, looks the part alongside white countertops and steel kitchen appliances. 

If you need to counterbalance a darker blue paint, use Winter V503 to give your kitchen an instant lift. This cooler shade is perfect for walls, but can also be used to lighten up backsplashes and kitchen alcoves. 

Colours Mentioned:

Ink M350
Dark Ink Blue
Winter V503
Off-White With The Lightest Touch Of Grey
Dark blue kitchen island and white cabinets

Timeless Blue Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to create a timeless kitchen interior, a blue colour scheme is a great way to go. Blue paint colours are among the most versatile colours around, pairing effortlessly with grey and white. You can use them in a gallery kitchen, a shaker-style interior, or a more contemporary space. 

If you don't want to overwhelm your kitchen with too much colour, focus on lower cabinets and under-the-counter units first. You can use lighter hues to paint walls and touch up overhead cabinets later. 

When it comes to accenting blue kitchen cabinets, stick to crisp whites and natural accents. A white countertop provides the perfect contrast to navy cabinetry, while dark woods and organic cork bring much-needed texture. 

If you're a fan of darker blues, Petrol S491 is a premium choice. Great for repainting freestanding units and kitchen islands, it's a striking colour pick for contemporary kitchens. However, it can also be used more sparingly in smaller spaces, including gallery kitchens. 

If your space doesn't lend itself well to darker blues, there are plenty of lighter shades for you to consider. Paper F497 is one of our favourite neutrals, with icy undertones that coordinate well with darker flourishes of colour such as black or even darker brown paint colours.

Colours Mentioned:

Paper F497
Pure White
Petrol S491
Dark Cadet Blue

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Colour Schemes 

Thinking about using blue to breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets? Our range is brimming with brilliant shades we know you'll love. 

Contrasting Blue Colour Schemes for Kitchen Cabinets

Arctic Fox S503
A Pure White With A Soft Touch Of Yellow
Nocturne N348
Dusky Dark Blue
Prince G490
Light Blue Grey

If you can't decide on a single shade to use in your kitchen, why not play around with a few contrasting blues? By using neutral blues and more dynamic shades, you can create a stunning statement in any kitchen. 

Arctic Fox S503 is one of our lighter blues. This neutral shade looks almost white at first glance, but there are subtle blue undertones at work here. Use this one for painting kitchen cabinets in smaller spaces, or use it alongside a darker hue to great effect. 

Prince G490 is a lighter choice, but there's plenty of sky blue character to enjoy here. Perfect for smaller cooking spaces, this colour is just the thing if you're looking to make maximum use of natural light. 

Need something darker to counteract those neutral blues? Nocturne N348 is a fantastic option. Just the thing for more dynamic makeovers, this premium paint colour works well in contemporary kitchens. 

Natural Blue Colour Schemes for Kitchen Cabinets

Glacier Y435
Illuminating Blue-Grey
Denim N429
A Deep, Bold Shade Of Blue
Seagull F496
White With A Hint Of Blue

The best blues take their inspiration from the natural world. Our range has plenty of premium paint colours that can be used to bring the beauty of the outside world into your kitchen. 

Searching for a breathtaking sky blue? Glacier Y435 is a fine choice for smaller kitchens. Use it to repaint cabinets in smaller spaces or use it as an accent colour for darker cabinets. 

Seagull F496 should go down well with fans of neutral shades. This muted blue works well alongside darker contrasts but also teams nicely with white countertops and neutral kitchen accents. 

If you're thinking about creating a kitchen focal point, few colours work as well as Denim N429. This deep blue works incredibly well in contemporary kitchens, especially if you're looking to modernise a kitchen island or breakfast bar. 

Neutral Blue Colour Schemes for Kitchen Cabinets

Paper F497
Pure White
Bungalow G500
A Pale Grey-Blue Tone
Indigo L429
Deep Ink Blue

Neutral blues are the best choice for kitchens lacking in square footage and natural light. With the right undertones, neutrals can add essential warmth to kitchen interiors. 

Paper F497 is one of our most popular neutrals. It's the perfect alternative to classic white paint, with its icy undertones pairing well with dark blue cabinets and stainless steel kitchen appliances. 

For the more modern kitchen, Bungalow G500 is a fine option. This pale blue shade has muted grey undertones, making it easy to coordinate with just about any countertop or integrated appliance. 

If you've gone all out with neutrals, make sure you're using a darker shade to balance things out. Indigo L429 is one of our most eye-catching shades. This dark blue will create instant contrast and is ideal for repainting lower cabinets and islands. 

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