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Paint Finder Tool

Find your perfect paint in 5 easy steps. Choose from thousands of shades, or colour match to brands.

  • Choose your shades, or colour match
  • Let us know which room and surface you’re painting
  • Select your finish and size
  • Order in one click
  1. Choose a colour
  2. Choose room
  3. Select surface type
  4. Select finish
  5. Select size

Find your perfect paint

From £6.00 £5.00

Choose your colour or enter a brand name below:

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Please note the online colour charts should be used as a guide only, accuracy of the displayed colours will vary with screen resolution, device and shade range. Paints are mixed to order and cannot be refunded or exchanged after dispatch due to differences in the actual shade when our electronic colours have been used.

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From £6.00 £5.00

Welcome to our 5-step product picker! Designed to help simplify the process of selecting the right paint for your interior project. Fill in each of the five steps above and we’ll suggest the best solution to ensure you get high quality, long-lasting results.

Selecting your colour

Click onto the colour wheel to browse our extensive range of Tikkurila shades. Use the dropdown menus and search bar to filter to your preferred shades. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can skip this step and type your colour code directly into the free text box.

Looking to colour match?

If you can't find what you are looking for from our vast range of colours, our state-of-the-art colour matching technology can match an infinite number of colours. Simply type your chosen colour into the free text box above (e.g. BRAND NAME, COLOUR). Our team will be in touch if it is not a shade we have on the system yet, in which case we can arrange to get a sample scanned in using a spectrophotometer. We really can match to anything!

Deciding on your finish

Our paints are available in a variety of finishes, from full matt to high gloss. The same paint colour can look completely different depending on the sheen level of the paint.  For every interior wall emulsion or wood paint, you can identify its sheen level by using our numerical scale (which are typically noted at the end of the product names). Gloss level is measured on a scale of 0 (the lowest gloss level (meaning a perfectly matte surface), to the highest gloss level of 100 (corresponding to a highly glossy surface).

  • With very low gloss levels (between 0%-4%), Full Matt (or flat / super / ceramic matt) paints are non-reflective, meaning they will soak up any light directed at them. This means they are great for walls and areas that have a lot of bumps or scratches (as they can easily conceal blemishes).
  • Matt paints offer a non-reflective finish with no gloss or shine. With a low gloss level between 5%-10%, matt paints offer strong depth of colour and a smooth, velvety finish.  If you're looking for hard-wearing coverage for high-traffic areas, our durable matt wall paints are for you.
  • Semi-Matt paints (also known as eggshell paints) have a slightly higher gloss grade than Matt paints and provide a flat finish with a slight sheen (11-35%). This creates a low lustre finish that brings out more of the paint's colour than a flat sheen
  • With gloss levels between 36-60%, Semi-Gloss paints offer a durable finish that be easily scrubbed clean of imperfections due to their high sheen level.  This finish can also be an ideal choice for interior trim (such as stair railings and skirting boards), as the lustre draws attention to those details and sets them apart from the walls.
  • Gloss paints are the ideal choice for the woodwork, doors and trimmings in your home. With gloss levels between 61-80%, they offer a high-shine finish that is tough, durable and easy to clean

Not sure how much paint you need?

We've included a link to our handy paint calculator tool at this stage to guide you through the measurements needed to ensure you don't end up with too much or too little for your space.


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Paint Finder Tool
Paint Finder Tool

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£6.00 £5.00

    Paint Calculator

    How much paint do I need? 

    Use this calculator to work out your requirements, if you have any question please get in touch with one of our team who will be more than willing to help you.

    Wall 1
    Tell us about your paint choices

    Disclaimer: Tikkurila UK Paint Calculator is provided as a guide only. The coverage rates will vary depending on surface being coated and the particular product range being used. More information on these products can be found on the cans, on the technical data sheets on individual product pages, by using our live chat service or by calling our technical team on 0131 334 4999.

    Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the estimate, however paint requirements may vary depending on the surface, type of paint, sheen level and colour chosen.