Parketti Ässä Petsi (Parquet Ace) - Stain

Water-borne acrylate stain for interior use.
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Parquet floors and floor boards. Suitable for sanded wooden floors prior to treatment with Parquet-Ace Floor Lacquer. Test the product on a small area to be sure that it is suitable for the surface. The product is not suitable for diamond pine, smoked oak and brown beech surfaces.

More Information
For Interior or Exterior Use Interior
Surface Wood, Floor
Product Category Staining/Stain
Product Certifications Finnish Key Flag
Product Ecolabels M1
VOC Levels Low (50-149 g/l)
Application Method Brush
Brand Tikkurila
Theoretical Cover Rate Varies depending on application method
Touch Dry Dust dry after approx. 1 hour.
Recoat Time The second coat can be applied after 3–4 hours.
Waterbased or Solventbased Water
Minimum content Minimum contents are the can size less 10%
Single Pack or 2 pack Single Pack
Product Segment Decorative

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