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Wood stains not only improve the look of your exterior woodwork, but they also help to protect against weather damage over time. Developed to withstand Finland's harsh weather conditions, these tough solutions offer protection against cracking and peeling, UV rays, and water damage.

Explore our range of quick-drying and easy-to-apply wood stains for your garden.


Environmentally Friendly Eco Range

This new and improved collection exemplifies developments in the category of exterior wood finishes in terms of sustainable product development. Valtti Plus stains are water-based, moving this category away from traditional solvent-based formulas - while retaining the paint's durability and protective qualities. Hard-wearing, protective, and long-lasting - but more environmentally friendly. Tikkurila’s best in class stains for exterior wood. The Valtti Plus collection is made up of 4 key products, each with a different visual appearance and intended for a different surface.

For exterior fences, window frames, doors and wooden walls:

  • NON-FILM FORMING STAIN: Valtti Plus Color - Full matt, translucent wood stain. Non-film forming means the solution seeps into the grain of the timber, resulting in a natural looking appearance.
  • FILM FORMING STAIN: Valtti Plus Kesto - Semi-matt, wood stain. Film forming stains dry to leave a lacquer-like finish on top of the wood grain.

    (Both are available in a wide range of colours)

For exterior furniture, decking and stairs:

  • HIGHEST DURABILITY EXTERIOR OIL: Valtti Plus Terrace Oil - High performance wood oil, primarily designed for decking and terraces (but can also be used on furniture). For the highest levels of colour stability and guaranteed durability, this product is available in 3 pre-tinted shades only (Grey, Black and Brown). 
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WOOD OIL : Valtti Plus Wood Oil - Available in wide range of colours. Ideal for exterior wooden furniture - and for decking - if a wider colour range is desired.
Close up of Valtti Plus Color 9 litre tin on a wooden stool

NEW IN: Valtti Plus Color

An introduction to the latest arrival to complete the range:

  • Valtti Plus Color is a water-based, non film-forming wood stain
  • Suitable for use on exterior wooden walls, doors and windows.
  • Dries to a full matt finish
  • Available in a wide range of transparent colours
  • Offers strong UV & moisture protection
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easily absorbs into wood
  • And there's more. Valtti Plus Color is also partly bio-based.
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New Bio-Based Technologies for Exterior Wood

For products in the Tikkurila range with the "Valtti Plus" badge, 73% of total organic carbon has been replaced with bio-based content (measured in accordance with ASTM D6866-18), which means that 17% of total product content is bio-based, coming from "natural" sources, such as plant by-products rather than limited fossil sources.

Matched levels of durability, more sustainable choice.


Traditional Range

For exterior fences, window frames, doors and wooden walls:

  • LOW BUILD STAIN: Valtti Color - A full-matt, low build solvent-based, translucent wood finish. With excellent penetration properties for a natural finish.
  • HIGH BUILD STAIN: Valtti Color Extra - A semi-gloss, high build, solvent-based translucent wood finish. This alkyd solution has film forming properties for a coated effect.
    (Both are available in a wide range of colours)

For exterior furniture, decking and stairs:

  • DURABILE EXTERIOR OIL: Valtti Furniture & Decking Oil - Pre-tinted solvent based wood oil in 3 shades only (brown, grey, black) - for the highest levels of protection and longevity.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WOOD OIL : Valtti Wood Oil - Available in wide range of colours. this solvent-based solution is ideal for exterior wooden furniture - and for decking - if a wider colour range is desired.

Find Your Colour

Because of the natural properties of the surface, each piece of wood has the potential to react differently to the painting process. This can make things a little complicated when it comes to choosing a colour for your garden fence!

Consider it this way. We know mixing blue with white paint makes a pale blue. But if mixed with yellow, the result would be a shade of green. The same logic applies when it comes to applying colour to exterior wood. A colour test on a medium oak wood will have completely different results if then applied to a piece of pine, or beech, or oak.

Once you've selected your favourite, we would suggest ordering our 180ml Exterior Wood Stain Testers to test on a small section of your surface to make sure you achieve your desired look. (These are available to purchase for £4.80).

Natural light wood stain
Brown wood stain
Light brown wood stain
Dark brown wood stain

To make things a little easier for you, we've compiled a list of our favourite timber shades that will allow you to add some personality to your space while preserving and enhancing the natural appearance of the wood.

Light Woodstain Colours

Light shades are a popular choice this season, and when paired with rattan and bamboo items and plenty of greenery, they provide a romantic and bohemian atmosphere in any outdoor space.

Light wood stain colours are recommended for lighter wood types like pine and white oak, as they contain white pigment which helps to retain the natural, untreated look of lighter coloured woods. They are not recommended for darker timber surfaces.

Reed 5061
Ginger 3467
Old Oak 3440
Gravel 5063
Hay 5064
Beech 3448

Brown Wood Stain Colours

Traditional and timeless, you can never go wrong with a brown wood stain. Our wood stain colour range has a wide variety of brown shades, from cool-toned brown to rich mahogany. By adding a slightly brown tint to the natural colour of the wood, you will give your wooden surfaces a new look while preserving the natural appearance of the timber.

Mahogany 3451
Teak 3442
Wenze 3443
Bear 5074
Blackberry 3444
Antique Pine 5073

Grey Wood Stain Colours

Ranging from light and soft to dark and dramatic, depending on their intensity, grey wood stains can make your decking look traditional or contemporary to suit your personal style. A great way to complement the surrounding landscape of gardens and leafy greens.

Dew 5081
Storm 3464
Wildgoose 3437
Thunder 3436
Charcoal 3445
Juniper 5078

Colourful Wood Stain Colours

If you're looking for something different to the traditional browns and greys, our wood stain colour palette is filled with fun pops of colour to suit any style. From soft rose, moss green to dark blue, our colourful wood stains are a great way to add personality to your exteriors and incorporate eye-catching features to your garden.

Summer 5065
Lava 5082
Twilight 5084
Cornflower 3456
Vanilla 3466
Rose 3468

Applying Wood Stains

Looking for a full colour transformation?

Alongside our wood stains, our exterior wood range includes opaque paints that conceal the natural wood grain and come in a huge variety of colours. Suitable for surfaces such as doors, windows and furniture, and available in many sheen levels, from full matt to high gloss.

Explore the collection here.

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the estimate, however paint requirements may vary depending on the surface, type of paint, sheen level and colour chosen.