Unica Akva


A water-based, durable acrylic paint for both interior and exterior wooden surfaces

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Product Description

Unica Akva is a semi-gloss water-based acrylic metal and wood paint. Unica Akva offers high levels of durability and impact resistance for timber surfaces.

Unica Akva is suitable for both new and previously painted surfaces, rough or smooth, in addition to impregnated wooden surfaces.
Unica Akva is especially suitable for timber surfaces exposed to higher than normal levels of impact (entrance doors, screens) and structures which require extended maintenance.

More Information

More Information
For Interior or Exterior UseInterior, Exterior
SurfaceWood, Trim, Doors & Windows, Metal, Garden Furniture
Product CategoryTopcoat
Sheen LevelSemi Gloss (36-60%)
Product CertificationsFinnish Key Flag
Product EcolabelsM1
VOC LevelsLow (50-149 g/l)
Application MethodAirless, Spray, Brush, Roller
Theoretical Cover Rate7–9 m²/l.
Touch DryDust dry in 0.5 hours.
Waterbased or SolventbasedWater
Recoat TimeRecoatable the following day.
Minimum contentMinimum contents are the can size less 10%
Single Pack or 2 packSingle Pack
Product SegmentDecorative
Available in sample potsYes

Product Attachments

Unica Akva TDS (2.48 MB)
Unica Akva MSDS (130.11 kB)
Unica Akva Maali MSDS (134.06 kB)
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Frequently asked questions

Does timber have to be primed before using?

Treating wood can be a minefield with so many products to choose from - not to mention the array of characteristics found in different types of timber.

Typically more care is needed with softwoods due to weaknesses like knots, splits, lack of durability, blue stain, etc, but the tendency with hardwoods is to retain the natural grain appearance, often resulting in under-application of coating, and subsequent earlier breakdown.

That said, some hardwoods can be very difficult to paint because they have an oily surface (see notes below). The key before an application is to remove all surface oils using cellulose thinner and rinse with clean water.

Prone to tannin bleed

Coloured timbers such as oak, Western red cedar and idigbo are prone to tannin bleed. Degrease with cellulose thinner and ensure the timber is thoroughly coated all round (with particular attention to end grains).

Contains acidic tannins which discolour with metal fixings

Hardwoods including Oak, Western Red Cedar and Idigbo. Degrease with cellulose thinners and avoid the use of steel (ferrous) fixings.

Contain oils/gums/extractives (slow drying and poor adhesion)

Hardwoods including Teak, Iroko and Keruing. Degrease with cellulose thinners and allow extra drying time.

Exterior Hardwoods

Priming Options

  1. Ultra Primer
  2. Pinja Flex Combi 25


  1. Pinja Flex Isolator (exterior blocking primer)

Topcoat Options

    1. Ultra Matt
    2. Ultra Classic
    3. Valtti Opaque
    4. Unica Semi-Gloss Enamel
    5. Unica Akva
    6. Valtti Teho
    7. Pinja Flex Combi 25


Interior Hardwoods

Priming Options

  1. Ultra Primer
  2. Akvi Primer (Spray Only, Fast Drying)


  1. Multistop (ensure left to dry for 24 hours before topcoat)
  2. Akvi Isolator (ensure left to dry for 24 hours before topcoat)

Topcoat Options

  1. Everal Aqua 10Everal Aqua 40 or Everal Aqua 80, depending on the sheen level required
  2. Helmi 10Helmi 30 or Helmi 80, depending on the sheen level required
  3. Akvi Top DS25

Lacquering Options

  1. Kiva 10Kiva 30, or Kiva 70, depending on the sheen level required
  2. Akvilac FD-J 10


Softwoods usually grow quicker than hardwoods and are cheaper, softer, and easier to work. They are often used to make furniture, paneling, and all sorts of other things. While softwoods aren't tough to paint, they come with a problem called colour bleeding. This is an issue especially with knotty softwoods since the knots leak more resin, leaving a stain. Stopping this resin can be very challenging. Blocking primers such as Multistop for interior wood or Pinja Flex Isolator for exterior can and do help, but heat sealing can provide a more effective solution:

  1. Scrape away excess resin.
  2. Heat knots with heat gun and again scrape away excess resin.
  3. Once complete, wash down all oily surfaces with cellulose thinner, then rinse with clean water.
  4. Allow timber to settle


Interior Softwoods

Prime with Ultra Primer.

Topcoat options

  1. Everal Aqua 10Everal Aqua 40 or Everal Aqua 80, depending on sheen level required
  2. Helmi 10Helmi 30 or Helmi 80, depending on sheen level required
  3. Empire Furniture Paint

Exterior Softwoods

Prime with Ultra Primer.

Topcoat options

  1. Ultra Matt
  2. Ultra Classic
  3. Valtti Opaque

In summary, Ultra Primer can be used on most woods, but if in any doubt or you require specific advice on your project, please give our technical team a call on 0131 334 4999 or send a message here.

How Do I Paint My Wooden Garden Furniture?

No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, an easy transformation or clever refresh can be achieved by simply painting your garden furniture. Have a few tired looking wooden chairs? It’s time to revive them


Step 1 Using a sanding block, sand around the surfaces of your wooden furniture. Make sure all the surfaces are dry, free from dirt, and that any previously treated wood is stripped back.

Step 2 Dust off all your newly sanded surfaces using a dusting brush.

Step 3 Prime with Ultra Primer, tinted to the same colour as your topcoat if possible 

Step 4 Apply the topcoat. Using your paintbrush start applying the colour evenly along the grain of the wood. We recommend choosing from one of the following in our range:

  1. Ultra Matt
  2. Ultra Classic
  3. Valtti Opaque
  4. Unica Akva
  5. Unica Semi-Gloss Enamel

Step 5 After completing the first coat, leave it to dry in accordance with the datasheet before applying a second coat.

Alternatively, our handy garden furniture kit includes everything you'll need


For lacquering your garden furniture follow the same steps but apply 2 coats of one of the following:

  1. Unica Akva Lacquer (Water-based)
  2. Unica Super Lacquer 20, Unica Super Lacquer 60, Unica Super Lacquer 90 (depending on sheen level required)


If you require more advice on painting your wooden garden furniture, give our technical team a call on 0131 334 4999 or send a message to our technical team.

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