Development and Manufacture of Paints

Where Are Tikkurila Paints Developed And Produced?

Tikkurila's product development sites are located in Finland, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Estonia. Tikkurila has 9 paint manufacturing units to produce various paints and coatings. The factories are located in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia and Kazakhstan. In addition, the Group purchases painting related merchandising from external cooperation partners that are sold further.

Are Tikkurila Operations Certified?

Tikkurila's objective is to create independently audited and certified quality, environmental, and safety management systems for each of its production sites. At the end of 2018, seven of nine production sites have a certified quality management system (ISO 9001), six have a certified environmental management system (ISO 14001) and four have a certified health and safety management system (OHSAS 18001).

Tikkurila's operations and operational systems, and their compliance with the requirements, are assessed and monitored in various reviews and due diligence evaluations. In addition to external audits and certification organizations, the Group HSE function sets targets, audits the company's various sites, gives recommendations and follows up on the local development work with regards to health, safety and environmental issues.

How The Quality Of Products Is Ensured?

We carry out thorough field testing and extensive laboratory testing to ensure that our products have all the desired properties. Products undergo testing at our own test fields, test painting facilities and test sites. Field tests are done to make sure that our products can also withstand outdoor exposure. In addition to test fields at various Tikkurila sites, we also have testing areas on the seaside, where products can be exposed to saline and humid climate with high levels of ultraviolet radiation. Prior to field testing, Tikkurila paints undergo a number of demanding laboratory tests.

How is the health and environmental impacts of the development and manufacturing process of paints are taken into consideration?

Quality, durability and safety are our guiding principles – for raw material selection and product development, as well as throughout our operations. The raw materials selected by Tikkurila greatly affect the environmental impact, quality and safety of the paints. Our product development selects raw materials based on the purpose of use and the properties required from the product. We are constantly looking for options that are safer for both health and the environment, studying the use of renewable raw materials, and increasing the share of water-borne products of our product offering. When we introduce a raw material, we employ extremely stringent criteria with regard to the quality, durability, functionality and safety of the material.

Are There Ever Any Mistakes In The Manufacturing Process? Are Some Batches Non-Marketable? If Yes, What Happens To Such Batches?

After mixing, we take a sample for quality control from each paint batch we produce. Quality control ensures that the quality requirements set for paints are met. Only once the quality control laboratory has approved the sample, the paint of the batch is filled in cans. Every now and then, batches do become un-marketable either in the manufacturing process or during transport. The quality of the product allowing, we try to re-utilize the paint in our manufacturing processes. If this cannot be done and the paint is nonetheless of a prime quality, we may use it in different social projects of our Sustainable Beauty program or sell it to our staff. The disposal of the paint is the last option.

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