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Is Responsibility And Sustainable Development Important For Tikkurila?

Responsible business is a prerequisite of Tikkurila operations and sustainable development is integrated into Tikkurila strategy.

How Is Tikkurila Developing The Responsibility And Sustainability Of Its Business Operations?

The demands of our customers increase and their purchase behaviour changes, the legislation becomes more stringent, and different trends, such as climate change, increasingly affect our business operations.

What Are The Environmental Impacts Of Tikkurila’s Operations?

The main environmental effects of paint during its life cycle have been identified as raw materials and packaging materials production, energy used during the manufacturing of the product, emissions and wastes generated during the manufacture, as well as the distribution of raw materials, packaging materials, and finished products, compounds evaporating (VOC emissions) from the paint during painting and drying, and the disposal of paint waste.

How Is Tikkurila Reducing The Environmental Impacts Of Its Operations And Products?

Tikkurila aims to continuously minimize the environmental impact of its operations and products, for instance, by developing products that extend the service life of the painted item and allow for longer maintenance painting intervals.

How Does Painting Contribute To Sustainable Development?

Without protection, our cities and houses along our home streets would deteriorate, and without colours, our homes and environments would look bleak.

What Are The Key Environmental Arguments Of Tikkurila Interior Products?

Water-borne products.

Which Eco-Labels Are Granted To Paints?

Paints are awarded international eco-labels (the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel) and national allergy and asthma labels or M1 classification measuring compounds emitted into the air from building materials for interior use.

How Tikkurila Mitigates The Climate Impacts Of Its Operations?

Climate change is one of the global megatrends that guides our operations at Tikkurila, and we take that into account in our strategy work and development of business operations.

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the estimate, however paint requirements may vary depending on the surface, type of paint, sheen level and colour chosen.