I Have Bordering/Picture Framing Around The Edges Of My Wall

Not a common issue, however one that occasionally crops up. All of our emulsions can be used to cut in around the edge of a wall prior to roller application of the main surface. Picture framing with Tikkurila materials occurs when the film build of the paint applied around the edges is higher than the roller applied midsection. Due to the solids content of most Tikkurila materials, it is quite easy to apply a relatively high loading/ film build using a brush. If this film build is not reduced using a couple of brush sweeps then the edge between the border section applied by brush and the centre section applied by roller will be evident. This joint between differing film builds will be more noticeable when using higher sheen products like Optiva 20 and Luja 40, it will also be exacerbated by deep colours with high colourant contents where the shape/ texture difference between the brushed section and rollered will be more noticeable.

The issue can be easily avoided if the applicator is just mindful of not leaving a very heavy border and working the product around the borders of walls to ensure no defined film edge is left. Tikkurila products can be recoated after a wet edge had disappeared without issue providing the film build at the joint between the border and roller section is low enough not to be caught by the light.

Issue: Picture framing/bordering

Cause: High film build on edge sections

Solution: Ensure film build is not too high on borders, no visible/distinct edge is left

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