How Do I Paint Interior Ash?

Ash is a light hardwood used extensively in joinery and furniture manufacturing

  • Clean down as required using Tikkurila Cleaning agent or similar to remove any grease oil or other contamination. It is advised to apply a stain blocking primer to untreated ash prior to top coating. 
  • If previously painted, remove any loose, flaking paint with a scraper and feather off any edges. 
  • Sand hard, glossy and industrially painted surfaces matt. Remove sanding dust. Fill holes and cracks and sand the filled parts.

The temperature of the air and the surface to be painted must be at least +8°C, the relative humidity of the air below 80%.

Priming Options

  1. Ultra Primer
  2. Akvi Primer (Spray Only, Fast Drying)
  3. Everal Aqua Primer
  4. Helmi Primer

Intermediate (Blocking Primer)

  1. Multistop (ensure left to dry for 24 hours before topcoat)

Topcoat Options

  1. Everal Aqua 10, Everal Aqua 40 or Everal Aqua 80, depending on the sheen level required
  2. Helmi 10, Helmi 30 or Helmi 80, depending on the sheen level required
  3. Akvi Top DS25
  4. Luja 7, Luja 20 or Luja 40, depending on sheen level required

Lacquering Options

  1. Kiva 10, Kiva 30 or Kiva 70, depending on the sheen level required
  2. Akvilac FD-J 10

If you require more advice on painting ash, give our technical team a call on 0131 334 4999 or send them a message here.

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